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Natural Remedies Review

Natural Remedies Review is designed to give you answers to questions you have about the effectiveness of natural remedies.

Everyone have opinions on many herbs or supplements that they may have tried.

But your main concern is if it will work for you with your health problems.

Are there any scientific evidences to back up their claims?

You will find the answers here.

We focus on the use of natural remedies to prevent and treat common health problems such as diabetes, ADHD, high blood pressure, infertility, anxiety, just to name a few.

We also look at the scientific literatures to find out if certain remedy actually works and provide you with an easy-to-understand analysis of it.

In this website, you will find hundreds of pages of comprehensive and concise answers to help with your health problems.

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What is Natural or Herbal Medicine?

The use of plants as medicine is gaining prominence around the world. In addition to being very important in traditional herbal medicine, these herbs are often used to develop prescription medications.

Experts estimate that over 50% of all current prescription drugs are derived from modified molecules extracted from plants.

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What are some common examples? The best known examples include penicillin (from fungus), morphine and codeine (from the opium poppy seeds) and digoxin (from foxglove)

When you are using parts of the plants or their extracts to treat diseases or symptoms, it is considered natural medicine.

Over 80% of the world population uses natural remedies as medicine and over 70% of doctors in Germany prescribe plant-based medicines.

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Why Consider Using Natural Remedies?

In the last 20 years, natural medicine gained great popularity by many individuals around the world.The demand for information on herbs and supplements continues to

The demand is driven by the growing number of individuals seeking an holistic approach to health care prevention and treatment.

Also, this movement towards using natural approach in disease prevention and treat is fueled by distrust in conventional medicine's approach to health care.

As well, the increase in the use of natural remedies in United States is, in part, driven by the high cost of prescription medications.

Many more individuals are starting to take their health more seriously. The availability of herbs and natural supplements allow individuals to finally take charge.

The information in this website will become an invaluable guide in helping you select the most appropriate supplements to take.

How We Rate Herbs and Supplements at Natural Remedies Review

Take our popular article outlining the health benefits of coenzyme Q10. Each of the health problems that it can be used to treat is rated based on scientific evidence.

The Leaf Rating System tells you how much research is done on the particular supplement for the specific health condition.

The image shown at the right tells you, for example, that CoQ10 is proven effective in treating CoQ10 deficiency and congestive heart failure.

It is also shown by many clinical studies to be effective for lowering high blood pressure as well.

With this in mind, you can decide if taking a CoQ10 supplement is worth the money.

This is the type of information a person needs to make an informed decision about their choices of natural remedies.

As well, commonly used dosages and side effects to watch out for are included in most of our natural remedies review reports.

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