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Endometriosis Fish Oil Link Shown in Study

May 5, 2010
Endometriosis fish oil link found - Women will be delighted to find out that a new study shows that taking omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil lowers the risk of developing endometrosis by 22%.

It wasn't the amount of fat that matter but the amount of trans fat (the really bad fats) and the amount of omega-3 in the diet that really made the difference.

The researchers founds that in the group taking the most amount of trans fat in their diet had a 48% higher chance of getting endometriosis.

Bottom Line

Take 2 to 4 grams of fish oils (containing the all important omega-3 fatty acids). It's great for preventing heart disease and now also endometriosis as well. Also cut back on foods loaded with trans fat.

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