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Our mission for creating this website Natural Remedies Review is to provide you and your family with high quality, easy-to-understand and unbiased information on natural and herbal remedies.

What good is our knowledge if we don't share it with others?

Most of our reviews we provide are based on scientific research studies. We trust these reviews to look after our family's health.

About us and our education - Some Basics

We are pharmacists that work in community pharmacies for over 20 years each. We got a degree but we didn't get a complete education You see, in our school years, I were taught about using prescription drugs to treat various health problems and diseases. That was fine, except for one thing.

I noticed that treatments of ailments with natural remedies were never mentioned or suggested. It is as if natural medicines did not exist. As a matter of fact, one my instructor told the entire class that natural medicines do not work and that it would be a waste of their money and time. The instructor didn't believe anyone needed to take vitamins or minerals, let alone herbal supplements. I was not so quick to believe him. It was then that I embarked on her own personal journey to discover the healing powers of natural and herbal remedies. I never looked back since then.

What I Want to Share with You

If you feel the same way, then this is what this website www.natural-remedies-review.com is here for. I don't just write a quick one-paragraph review about the latest weight-loss diet pill. I review it in detailed looking at current research studies. As it takes time, our team typically add natural supplement reviews monthly. It takes time to do the research but our team of writers enjoy it. We also write shorter information fact sheets and provide quick answers to frequently asked questions herbal supplements and vitamins and minerals as they are important as well.

This online natural and herbal remedies review website represents over 40 years of our combined experience and knowledge in natural medicines. Don't be surprised if some natural supplements have very little research done on them even though everyone seems to be talking or taking them! The truth is a lot of natural and herbal supplements don't have a lot of reliable research studies done on them. We will report on the evidence that exists and provide you with our best evaluation possible. We will also provide folk remedies to give you a sense of the other options available. Do you notice how most website say incredible things about a certain herb? I'd look that up and find only one or two research papers done on that product.

Scary. A client came in one day showing me an advertising brochure asking for "what I think about this fruit." This company claimed their fruit extract cures about 25 different diseases! It seems every health conditions that can start with "anti-" (such as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensive, etc...) were on the list. However, we were not able to find a single published research study done on humans to support any of the claims made, although there are animal studies that showed promising results.

We are not saying that this fruit doesn't work for these ailments. What we are saying is that there is no scientific evidence supporting that it works. As such, the claims should not be exaggerated. The claims made by the manufacturer of this fruit far exceeded any evidence of its benefits. Good for the company; bad for your bank account. You may still want to try it nevertheless, but at least you need to have some facts.

On the opposite side, we have this popular herb called garlic. It has over 3,000 published papers done on it both on animals and humans. That is an amazing amount of research done on just this one natural supplement.

You also won't find us taking the alarmist approach (like most pharmacists are trained to do) and tell you to avoid them because we don't know much about it. This opposite approach does not serve your family's health needs either. As pharmacists, we want to provide you with all the sensible options backed by some scientific evidence. We aim to give you a balanced approach to treating common ailments using natural remedies. Best wishes to you and your family's health.

Tom Chua, B.Sc, R. Ph.

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