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Allergies Home Remedies Techniques

What are some effective allergies home remedies techniques?

Managing allergies symptoms require making changes to the types of foods you eat, the environment that you live in and lifestyle changes.

Even if you use natural or homeopathic remedies (and even prescription medications), you must attempt to make some changes to the home environment. No amount of remedies will be effective if you are constantly exposed to allergy-causing substances in the house.

Below are some of the best recommendations on techniques to cut down on allergy symptoms.

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Home Environmental Control Techniques
  • Use a HEPA filter air filter to keep the home free from allergy causing substances. This is especially true in the bedroom where you sleep. Find out why people suffering from allergies or asthma should use an allergy air filter.
  • Keep your windows closed to avoid pollen and airborne particles from entering your home.

  • Only use a vacuum cleaner that is fitted with HEPA filter. Better yet install a central vacuum cleaner so that no exhausted air goes back into the home. Vacuum weekly.

  • Consider installing a HEPA air cleaner unit in your central forced-air furnace. Or at least, use a high quality furnace filter rated MERV 7 or higher. Do not use cheap fiberglass air filters. They are designed to protect the furnace and not filter allergy causing substances.

  • Don't let pets into the sleeping areas. Keep them outdoors if possible.

  • Choose allergen-reducing pillow and bed coverings.

  • Remove carpets and replace with hardwood or laminate floorings. Carpets attract allergy causing substances. If not practical, at least see if you can replace the carpets in the sleeping areas.
These allergies home remedies techniques should be used along with natural remedies for maximum benefits.

Recommended Lifestyle Changes
  • When gardening, wear gloves and a N95 face mask to avoid breathing in pollen. Change into a fresh set of clothing as soon as you come into the house.

  • When practical (often not the case), go outdoors after heavy rain. Rain cuts down on pollen in the air. Also pollen tends to be most concentrated between 5 AM and 10 AM during the day.

  • Do not hang clothes outside to dry as they may catch pollen.

  • Following a Diet for Allergies is highly recommended as many foods can worsen allergy symptoms.

Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies for Treating Allergies

allergies home remedies hayfever fighter
Homeopathic Allergy Remedy
  • Controls sneezing, coughing and wheezing
  • Reduces itchy, watering eyes and nose
  • Addresses the stuffy feeling associated with pollen or seasonal allergies
  • Relieves itching and burning sensations in the mouth and throat
  • FDA registered product
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Combination Natural and Homeopathic Remedy
  • Promotes clear eyes, nose, sinuses & chest
  • Soothes mucous membranes
  • Supports long-term respiratory health and comfort
  • Promotes skin integrity for healthy skin
  • Tonic effects to support the immune system
  • Fast-acting, easy to take tablets
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What more information on all the natural solutions to treat and cure allergies?

See Allergies Remedies - Natural Cures to get a series of easy to understand articles on treating allergies using diet, lifestyle changes, environmental control and natural remedies.

Considering using a combined natural and homeopathic remedy like AllergiClear to prevent allergies symptoms from getting out of hand.

HayFever Fighter is an FDA registered homeopathic remedy that is effective for reducing all the annoying symptoms of allergies without any side effects.
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Created: August 12, 2010

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