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Anthocyanins found in Berry Fruits Lowers High Cholesterol

October 17, 2009

Berry fruits such as acai, cranberry, strawberry and blueberry contain pigments known as anthocyanins that gives the fruits their rich bright colours. In addition to being an excellent antioxidant and carrying potential anti-cancer benefits, they also lower cholesterol levels in animal studies.

Until recently, there were no human studies to show if they could indeed lower cholesterol levels until now. A published well-designed study involving 120 participants with high cholesterol showed that taking 160 mg twice daily significantly lowered the "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and raised their "good" cholesterol (HDL). The study lasted 12 weeks.

This is the first time that this chemical substance have shown cholesterol lowering ability in a properly designed human clinical trial. Another study showed that it can also lower high blood pressure.

If you love to eat berry fruits, continue with it. For those suffering from high cholesterol, take 160 mg of berry-derived anthocyanin supplements twice daily if you like. Keep in mind that there are many more natural remedies that are probably more effective for lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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