Does Taking Bacopa for Anxiety Reduce the Symptoms?

It's fair to say that everyone experiences stress, either at home or at work.

Perhaps there stressful situation both at home and at work!

And depending on the situation and your attitude, you might be able to function and manage without needing to take supplements or prescription medications.

That's definitely the way to go.

However, under more extreme circumstances, you might want to consider taking a natural supplement to see if it could help you cope better.

Traditionally, the herbal remedy bacopa as been used to treat stress and anxiety.

You might have discovered it thru your friends or by doing your own research.

You may ask, and it's a very good question indeed, does it really work? The only way to find out the truth is to look at experimental studies.

Indeed, there are several from animals studies and clinical trials. Let's review some of them and see what experts have uncovered...

Does Taking Bacopa for Anxiety Reduce the Symptoms?

Research Paper #1

Bacopa is used extensively in Indian medicine.

Many animal studies have clearly showed benefits in reducing anxiety.

Indeed, when compared to the Ativan (lorazepam), a frequently prescribed anti-anxiety medication, the benefits of bacopa appeared to be similar.

And one surprising benefit is that bacopa doesn't seem to affect coordination and mental dullness often associated with taking Ativan. At least that's what was seen in animals.

This is an important benefit. One of the major side effects of Ativan like all other benzodiazepines is that they cause mental and physical fatigue.

Moreover, not only does it not seem to cause sedation, the researchers reported that bacopa appeared to actually improve mental activity.

Because of these results, it is not surprising that the researchers suggested that bacopa could be a potentially helpful natural remedy for managing anxiety.

Here's the reference to the research paper.

bacopa for anxiety reference 1 image

Research Paper #2

In additional to reducing stress, bacopa had also been shown to possess adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are substances that help the body better cope with stress and anxiety.

Thus adaptogens could potentially be useful in managing stress-related disorders such as depression, panic attack and anxiety.

Indeed, when the researchers carried out their study, it was shown that mice given 80 mg/kg of bacopa showed a reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms.

Again, as with the previous study that we have discussed, the dose given to the mice did not impair the mice's ability to function (that is bacopa did not cause coordination problems).

Not surprisingly, researchers suggested that bacopa extract could be potentially useful as a treatment for mental disorder involving anxiety and depression.

Here's the reference to this research paper.

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Research Study #3

It is a great thing that researchers are never satisfied. They continue to conduct further studies, usually better designed ones, to verify previous findings.

This is what you want in science. To continue to pursue the truth.

In a more recent study, the scientists wanted to find out if bacopa actually help to improve mental functions as was reported in previous studies. The study involved health volunteers between the age of 35 and 60 years old.

The results?

Bacopa did not have any effect on mental alertness. (Previous studies suggested that it could improve cognition and motor coordination.)

But that's OK. Recall that if you took Ativan (or another benzo's) to help you cope with anxiety, you'll probably be drowsy and tired. You might even get so drowsy that if you drove, you put yourself at risk of getting into an accident.

On the positive note, bacopa did show a trend towards lowered levels of anxiety in the group given 450 mg daily of bacopa for 12 weeks.

Here's the researcher paper for your reference.

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Bottom Line

Considering using bacopa for anxiety symptoms?

Earlier studies showed some benefits in both boosting cognition and reducing anxiety levels.

Recent studies, however, only show benefits in using bacopa for cutting down on anxiety symptoms.

Based on existing studies, it does appear that bacopa could be used to treat mild anxiety symptoms.

So it could be worth trying as studies show that it does have some benefits in cutting down anxiety symptoms.

It is best for us to mention that, in managing moderate to severe anxiety, you should seek the help of a competent health care professional.

The use of natural remedy such as bacopa for managing anxiety symptoms should not be done in isolation.

Other home remedy techniques should also be considered to ensure that you get the most benefit from taking bacopa.

And you might not even be aware of the many other remedies that work for anxiety as well. We compiled a comprehensive list of them for you.

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