What is boswellia used for?

Boswellia is one of many natural remedies used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine.

This herb is used to treat arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, other inflammatory diseases, asthma, sore throat, syphilis, painful menstruation, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis and cancer.

Research studies show that it may be useful in preventing asthma attack, treating cancer, helping with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and treating osteoarthritis pain.

What are the side effects of taking boswellia?

There are few reported side effects of using this herb. Some people may experience nausea, diarrhea and acid reflux. However, the good news is that long-term use of this herb does not cause stomach ulcers (like anti-inflammatory medications). Avoid taking during pregnancy as literature suggests that it may promote menstruation and thus, may cause abortion.

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If you have asthma, this herb can be tried to see if it reduces the number of asthma attacks you have. It may be helpful as you might be able to lower your dose of the asthma medication you use to prevent asthma attack (such as Flovent). Ask your doctor and let him or her know what you are planning to do.

It seems to be helpful in treating ulcerative colitis, IBD, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as it has anti-inflammatory activities.  It may be worth trying for these conditions but keep in mind the studies done in humans didn't really provide conclusive results.

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References Revised: January 5, 2010