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What is BrightSpark and why parents choose this for their children with ADHD/ADD symptoms...

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Europeans often use homeopathic remedies to treat many of their common ailments. These remedies have proven to be safe with no side effects or drug interactions.

Many parents are constantly on the lookout for alternative treatment options for reducing ADHD symptoms.

Homeopathic solutions are often under consideration in addition to herbal products like Focus Formula.

What is one of the more popular homeopathic remedy for ADHD?

It would be BrightSpark made by Native Remedies, the premiere manufacturer of natural and homeopathic products based out of United States.

Many children and adults have used it to successfully reduce ADHD symptoms.

How can it help and what are the ingredients? What do past and current users have to say about how well it works?

We will address all these questions in this review...

What are the Benefits of Native Remedies BrightSpark?

Here are some of the reported benefits from taking this customized formulation:

Helps to settle down hyperactivity in children

Improves focus and concentration

Reduces impulsiveness

Stabilizes mood and behavior

Cuts down on spasm and rapid body movements

Tablets are quick-dissolve and have a pleasant taste

What are the Ingredients Found in BrightSpark by Native Remedies?

BrightSpark contains 100% homeopathic remedies that are listed in the US homeopathic pharmacopoeia.

This will ensure that you know what you are giving to your child.

Homeopathic remedies are commonly prescribed by naturopathic doctors in European countries.

And they have a long clinical track record for being safe and they are free of any unwanted side effects.

Here are the four key homeopathic remedies (all at a strength of 30C) contained in BrightSpark:


This remedy is common selected for individuals who seem to require constant attention and stimulation. It is also used when a person is aggressively angry, irritable or has delusional thoughts.

In the past, it has been used to help treat individuals who suffer from allergies.

Vert Alb

Homeopathic practitioners often choose this remedy for children with ADHD who show signs of restlessness. It is used to help stabilize emotions and calm the nerves down, especially during difficult times.


This remedy is shown to reduce agitation and restlessness in children showing hyperactive behaviors. By taking this remedy,it will help to calm the child down.

It also helps to prevent involuntary movements and inappropriate verbal sounds. It is used when a person shows inappropriate behaviors, facial expressions and restless hand motions.

Arsen Iod

homeopathic remedies statementThis remedy is often used to reduce the feeling of annoyance when a child is exposed to difficult events or activities.

It is recommended by homeopathic experts if a person is showing signs of impatience, excitability and inappropriate outbursts.

If a person has a past history or current has allergies or hay fever problems, he or she will experience greater benefit from taking arsen iod.

In some reviews posted by parents, they saw greater benefits when BrightSpark is taken along with Focus Formula.

What are the Comments from People who are Currently Using It?

BrightSpark has received a rating of 3.9 out of 5 based on unsolicited reviews from 69 users.

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One major advantage of BrightSpark is that this product is safe to use in both children and adults. This benefit has been emphasized by several parents as they didn't find the side effects of prescription ADHD medications acceptable to them.

We will summarize some of the comments and reports from current and past users of this homeopathic remedy for ADHD.

Nicole from Canada has tried it on her six year old son after discovering that her son's report card showed that he is unable to concentrate in class.

She put him on it and got results in less than a week. His teacher thereafter reported that he is doing "great" and that he is able to focus on tasks much better than previously.


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Kristen from the United Stated found that the combination Focus Formula and BrightSpark did not result in any unwanted side effects. There were noted improvements in her son's ability to focus both at home and also at school.

She is very satisfied with the product and makes personal recommendations of the combination product to other parents and friends with kids.


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Yolanda L. from Michigan wrote that she was very pleased with the benefits she got from giving her son BrightSpark. She did not really wanted to put her child on prescription medications and was so glad that the homeopathic remedy worked for her son.

Her son is now less agitated at school and she is very glad to be able to tell other parents about the benefits of BrightSpark. To her, this product was a Godsend.


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Denise from California didn't really think this homeopathic remedy would actually work. To say the least, she was more than just skeptical.

Her child just didn't like school and was not able to concentrate on tasks. She did try both BrightSpark and Focus Formula, basically thinking that ithey wouldn't work at all.

When she decided to put her child on hit, she was more than amazed at how this combination formula did wonders. Because of the remedies, her child now does things that she only imagined. It also worked much more quickly than she had thought possible. The remedies kicked in in about a week.

For example, he now talks about loving school. Even his school teacher could not believe the changes. This all happened in several weeks.

Indeed, she is now a firm believer in the benefits of BrightSpark and Focus Formula.


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How Reliable is the Company?

Native Remedies is a long-standing and established company based out of Florida. They are one of the premiere manufacturer of natural supplements in the United State.

Their products are all made in their FDA certified lab and they adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) protocols.

Moreover, all their homeopathic remedies are FDA approved and the ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

The company is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member in good standing and have received many accreditations and certifications from independent quality assurance companies.

The bottom line is that they have an established record of customer satisfaction and high-quality service.

In Summary...

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One often talked about advantage of dealing with Native Remedies is their 100% one-year money back guarantee.

Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

To get the most savings, buy 2 bottles and get 1 bottle free! They stand behind their product 100% so you have nothing to risk.

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