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Butterbur for Migraines - Will This Herb Help?

Is it helpful to use butterbur for migraines? Does it really work?

There exist good scientific evidences to show that taking butterbur can prevent migraine attacks.

For example, one clinical study showed that butterbur extracts were effective in preventing migraines when taken over a 12 week period.

In another study, migraine sufferers taking butterbur reduced the number of migraine attacks by 56%. Moreover, they had less severe headaches and they lasted much shorter compared to the group taking the placebo (sugar pill).

Butterbur is worth considering but it is only one of many natural remedies for migraines that work well in preventiong and treatment.

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Evidence of Benefits (What's this?)

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Do we know how it works?

The main active ingredients found in butterbur are petasin and isopentasin. These chemicals reduce spasms of the blood vessels. This antispasm benefit might explain why butterbur can be used to prevent migraine headaches.

They also block the production of inflammatory chemicals called leukotrienes. This is known to be helpful in asthma and allergies.It may also be useful for treating migraines.

Are there any safety issues on using butterbur for migraines?

Butterbur is known to contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA). Some of these chemicals are toxic and will cause liver damage.

Use the butterbur leaf instead of the root since it has less of them. But the best option is to buy from companies which certify that their preparations are free of PA. An example of a product certified to be free of PA is Petadolex (but there are other brands as well).

What are some side effects of butterbur?

Although most people will not experience many side effects, they may include diarrhea, asthma, stomach discomfort, headache, allergic reactions like rash and drowsiness.

Are there OTHER effective migraine remedies?

Absolutely! See the article on Migraine Remedies to discover many natural remedies and supplements that work.

Suggested Doses and Dosage Formulations

Most research studies used 50 to 75 mg of standardized extracts of butterbur. Take twice daily for up to four months. The brand Petadolex was commonly used.

Fresh Leaves

Use 1.2 to 2 grams of the raw leaves and steep for 10 to 15 minutes in 250 mL of water. Removed the leaves and drink up to four times daily.

Fluid Extracts (1:2)

Take 1 to 3 mL three times daily.

Natural and Homeopathic Remedies for Migraines

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See Migraine Cures to get a series of easy to understand articles on treating migraines using diet, lifestyle changes and natural remedies.
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