Caffeine Health Effects - Reduce Mistakes with a Cup of Java

Caffeine health effects include keeping a person alert at work, a study proves

August 6, 2010

caffeine health benefits cup beansIt is a fact thatcaffeine is a stimulant that many people around the world enjoy. Studies prove that coffee has many health benefits not related to the caffeine found in it.

Now, researchers are certain that caffeine can help those doing shift work to reduce the chance of making mistakes. Here's what this study revealed about those people who take caffeine from coffee, tea, energy drinks or from foods rich in caffeine.

  • Caffeine is more effective than taking naps during the daytime

  • Increased mental performance and memory at work 

  • Increased attention and reasoning skills

  • Theoretical decreased injury at work from increased alertness and attention

Perhaps it was a wise move from employers who provide free coffee for their employee? (Employers, take note of this health benefits to your employee and to your company!) But don't get carried away! There are side effects from taking too much caffeine! These include nervousness, restlessness, anxiety and increased heart rate. (See the full review on caffeine to get all the details.) The dose that will cause these side effects varies significantly from individual to individual. You will have to find out the best dose for yourself.

What is your recommendation?

If you love caffeinated drinks, feel good that they are keeping you alert while you work, especially if you do shift work.

If you don't drink coffee, tea or other beverages with caffeine because you don't like it or don't want to, there no point in taking these beverages just for the caffeine.

There are many foods that contain caffeine and even caffeine pills that are available for purchase at most pharmacies.

Find out all the health benefits of caffeine and the types of foods that contain caffeine in our informative articles.

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Created: August 6, 2010