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Can You Buy Potassium Iodide For Radiation Exposure?

Can you buy potassium iodide? Why is it so hard to get?

Potassium iodide (KI) is a supplement designed to prevent the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine that might be accidentally released by nuclear power plants during a major disaster.

There is nothing special about KI. Practically all pharmacies can get hold of it. Until recently at least...

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KI Tablets

Due to the earthquake in Japan, three of their nuclear reactors are failing. Because of the fear of the release of toxic nuclear material into the atmosphere, people around the world and medical agencies are buying up massive amounts of these tablets.

The sudden demand far exceed what can be delivered by the manufacturers.

This article Potassium Iodide for Radiation Exposure discuss why taking these pills can help protect against thyroid cancer.

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Potassium Iodide for Radiation Exposure


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