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Cayenne Pepper for Circulation - Does It Really Work?

Thinking of Using Cayenne Pepper for Circulation Improvement?

cayenne pepper for circulationCayenne pepper comes from the chilli plant. The active ingredient that gives it the hot taste is capsaicin.

Cayenne is believed to be one of the best herbs for improving blood flow along with ginkgo biloba.

Upon eating cayenne pepper, you get an immediate sense of increased blood flow throughout your entire body, especially on your face and skin.

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Cayenne Pepper for Circulation - How Does It Work?

Cayenne pepper has a potent effect on the nerves in the mouth. Upon stimulating the nerves, blood vessels relax (dilate) to allow blood to flow more freely.

Some physicians claim that cayenne pepper can be used during a heart attack to increase survival rates and prevent future heart attack.

They speculate that it works by dilating the blood vessels supplying nutrients and oxygen to the heart muscle. This will prevent further damage.

As well, some herbalists suggest that cayenne pepper can reverse heart disease and unclog blocked arteries.

Human studies to prove this particular benefit of cayenne pepper is still pending.

Nevertheless, cayenne pepper is definitely an herb worth taking to improve circulation, not only to the hands and feet but also to the entire body.

The good news is that you can easily get all the health benefits of cayenne pepper by including it in your cooking.

Dose to Use

Dose: Spice: Include cayenne pepper in your diet. Add enough so that it is moderately spicy and that you can tolerate it.

Tincture (1:10): Use 5 to 10 drops in water up to three times daily.

Capsule: Take 500 mg up to three times daily.

What Are The Other Herbs for Circulation Improvement?

See Herbs for Circulation for a complete review of all the herbs and supplements that work to improve poor circulation.

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