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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome FAQ's

What is the difference between chronic fatigue syndrome and normal fatigue?

There is not much difference during the first few days. Normally, fatigue is the feeling of exhaustion which is often caused by overworking, sickness or mental stress.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS, on the other hand, is a set of symptoms or health conditions that relate to various other symptoms such as decreased mental ability and flu-like condition and excessive fatigue. A person suffering from CFS may not even have enough energy to do the most basic tasks.

Once the symptoms are full-blown and last for at least six months, then it is diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome.

What are the symptoms of CFS?

There are various symptoms of CFS. In order to determine the diagnosis of this condition, a patient must show at least four of the following:
  • post-exertional malaise which persists for more than 24 hours
  • muscle pains, joint pain
  • sleep difficulties or sleep that does not lend energy to the individual
  • frequent severe headaches
  • sore throat that is persistent and recurring
  • decreased mental clarity
  • poor memory and impaired concentration
  • tenderness of the lymph nodes that are located in the neck and armpit
What are the causes of CFS?

The exact cause of CFS is currently unknown but there are strong indications that it can be divided into three groups. It may be caused by immune system problems, viral or non-viral infections or stress-related conditions.

It is suspected that CFS may be caused by a combination of these three types. For some people, it appears that the symptoms of CFS show up after catching an infection. For others, it may be caused by prolonged exposure to stress at work or home.

Then, there are other people who suffer from a weakened immune system which makes it much easier for them to develop symptoms of CFS. Currently, studies are being carried out to attempt to find out whether emotional distress, genetics and the immune system are related to the disorder.

Is there a cure for CFS?

There is no cure for CFS and research is currently being conducted to attempt to discover the cause. Currently, the main focus is to develop a way to treat the symptoms.

What are the treatment options available?

There are several types of treatment types for patients of CFS which are grouped into four categories: medical treatments (prescription medications), alternative treatments, supportive treatments and lifestyle changes.

With medical treatments are prescription drugs that are given by doctors to alleviate symptoms such as discomfort, pains, headaches and stress caused by CFS. These include pain relievers, NSAIDs, anxiety medications and antidepressants.

Natural, herbal and hormone supplements are commonly used. Relaxation techniques and behavioral techniques are used at the same time while lifestyle changes help patients to establish relief from the debilitating symptoms.

How is a diagnosis made?

There are no lab tests that can diagnose that you suffer from CFS. It is diagnosed by exclusion, meaning that all other health conditions and possible causes are eliminated. Diseases that have the same symptoms as CFS are ruled out.

Once the doctor determines that you do not suffer from any of disease with the same symptoms as CFS, then you are determined to have CFS.

How helpful are natural remedies and supplements?
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