Coenzyme Q10 for Infertility - Does It Work?

Exactly how helpful is taking coenzyme Q10 for infertility?

There is growing interest that many natural supplements, like coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), could be used to increase fertility in both men and women.

Currently, there is no clinical studies done to show if using coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in women could enhance fertility.

However, there are some good studies to show that it may be helpful in treating some forms of infertility in men. Since a sperm cell has to swim to fertilize the egg, it requires extensive amount of energy.

Indeed, research studies have measured the CoQ10 levels in the semen.

Low semen levels of CoQ10 seems to decrease sperm motility. And taking CoQ10 supplements is shown to increase the CoQ10 levels in the semen.

One study done with 82 men showed that CoQ10 was able to increase sperm motility significantly.

However, one question remains to be answered. Does increased sperm motility increase the chances of conceiving a child? In theory, it would appear to be so but we will need further studies to prove this.

What About If Your Sperm Motility is Fine?

Would taking a CoQ10 supplement boost motility further in individuals with healthy sperms?

No one knows for sure in this case.

So, there are some additional benefits beyond just boosting sperm motility. It can protect the delicate sperm cell from oxidative damage as well.

That's because CoQ10 have antioxidant properties.

If a sperm analysis showed reduced sperm motility, we would recommend taking a coenzyme Q10 supplement for certain.

The recommended dose is 200 mg once daily (or take 100 mg twice daily) for a duration of 6 months.

Natural Remedies for Infertility?

There are many products that can be helpful in improving the chance of getting pregnant and conceiving a healthy baby.

Although many people have considered using CoQ10, there are many other herbs that can be used to boost fertility as the chart below shows.

The two most helpful natural supplement is chasteberry (Vitex) and bee propolis.

natural remedies for fertility chart image

Many of these herbs have been traditionally used. Today, they continue to be used by holistic health care practitioners.