Coenzyme Q10 Information

Here you will find out all the reported health benefits of taking coenzyme Q10 supplements.

The articles listed below are highly focused on the specific health problems that coenzyme Q10 supplements can be used for. And these discussions are base on research studies completed to date.

Why is it important to look at scientific studies?

The reason is simple. You want to find out the truth as to whether take CoQ10 really works or not.

The full and unbiased review on the health benefits of coenzyme Q10

coq10 truth coenzyme information FULL UNBIASED Review on Coenzyme Q10

General Information About Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Here are some general information about this vitamin-like molecule that was discovered in the early 1960's.

It is a natural substance that your body makes.

It is found in a structure inside of living cells called the mitochondria.

Mitochondria is responsible for making all the energy requires for the cell to function.

Moreover, CoQ10 also possesses anti-oxidant properties and also seems to stimulate the immune system as shown in animal studies.

Further research studies in humans revealed that low blood levels of CoQ10 seems to be linked to an increased risk of minor and major health problems like cancer, heart disease, muscle diseases, tinnitus and hearing loss.

However, it has not been shown conclusively that these health problems are caused by a deficiency of CoQ10. In other words, it is very possible that these disease state causes the body to become deficient in CoQ10 and thus, taking a CoQ10 supplement may not directly reverse or improve the disease significantly.

See the above articles on focused discussions on treating specific health problems with coenzyme Q10 that is of interest to you.

Bottom Line

Is coenzyme Q10 worth the money?

In one word, yes.

It does appear from clinical studies that coenzyme Q10 may be useful for many health conditions, especially in treating heart disease.

This is very good news indeed as heart disease is prevalent in modern society.

Although there is no "standard" daily dose of CoQ10, a safe and very conservative starting daily dose would be 100 mg.

Many experts suggest dosages between 100 mg to 300 mg.

Higher dose may be used and it is advisable to consult your health care professional.