June 9, 2010

Researchers are fascinated in finding the link between drinking coffee and heart disease risks. Since coffee is the most consumed beverage around the world, if there are any health benefits, we would really like to know about it.

Now a ten year long study done in Japan involving 37,742 men and women showed very promising and shocking health benefits. Drinking 1-2 cups daily has a very favorable effect on dying from any causes. In women, the benefits to heart disease from drinking 3 or more cups daily is a shocking--it cuts the risk of heart disease down by 55% in women.

This table below summarizes how much risk a person can reduce by drinking coffee.

1-2 Cups
More than 3
Cups Daily
Results in Women
12%18%25%Death from all causes
44%52%55%Heart Disease

Example on how to read the table:

For women drinking 1-2 cups of coffee daily, their risk of dying (from any causes) is reduced by 18%. For women, drinking more than 3 cups daily cuts their risk of getting heart disease by a shocking 55%. Of course all these volunteers were free of cancer, heart attack or stroke at the beginning of the study.

The researchers also mentioned that in men, the protective of drinking coffee was not as significant as for women but there were some benefits against heart disease.

Bottom Line

If you love coffee already, don't do anything different! Even drinking coffee occasionally has significant health benefits. Of course, 1 to 2 cups daily is better. 3 cups or more daily is acceptable as long as you don't get side effects from too much caffeine in the coffee.

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