CoQ10 for Weight Loss - Does It Really Help?

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CoQ10, also called coenzyme Q10, Q10 or ubiquinone is a potent antioxidant andanti-inflammatory substance that may have benefits for helping with obesity.

It is an essential natural substance that your body makes and it is involved in energy generation inside all of our cells.

Low levels of CoQ10 are implicated in a wide variety of health problems.

CoQ10 is believed to boost metabolism, give you greater energy, endurance, and act as an anti-aging substance for your body.

In our previous review, Benefits of Coenzyme Q10, we mentioned how important it is for practically everyone to take CoQ10.

It has proven health benefits for the heart and virtually every part of the body.

Let's see what scientific research studies have to say about CoQ10 in the area of metabolism and weight management...

Research Studies on Using Coenzyme Q10 for Weight Loss

There are no studies that directly looked at the benefit of CoQ10 for weight loss. Studies done in animals suggested that CoQ10 supplements might boost metabolism and help prevent weight gain.

Here are two osf the research papers that looked at the indirect effects CoQ10 on metabolism:

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In the first study, the researchers looked at 73 males who were not overweight.

Two important insights came out of this study. First, as you age, your fat-free body mass (lean body mass) goes down. Second, as your lean body mass goes down, so does your CoQ10 levels.

Since muscle tissues make up a large part of your lean body mass, metabolism will go down as you age as well.

This first study doesn't say anything about taking coenzyme Q10 for weight loss but it suggests that you can expect metabolism and CoQ10 levels in the blood to go down as you age.

Thus CoQ10 supplements may help to boost metabolism or at the least maintain the rate of metabolism and prevent you from gaining weight.

In the second study, the researchers looked at 22 obese individuals undergoing biliopancreatic surgery. It was discovered that the CoQ10 levels were shockingly low after surgery.

The experts believed that taking CoQ10 would help to correct for problems with metabolism. Correcting metabolism would be one of the several steps needed for those interested on loosing weight.

Moreover, overweight individuals suffer from more oxidative stress. CoQ10, which has antioxidant effects, can help to reduce this damaging effects.

Neither of these studies were designed to see if CoQ10 could be of benefit in helping individuals lose weight. So we cannot and should not draw any definitive conclusion from these studies.

Bottom Line

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We really don't know for sure. It might work, it might not.

It could help boost your your metabolism if your CoQ10 is low.

But if not, we don't think CoQ10 would increase metabolism.

The current research evidence shows very limited benefits for helping you shed a few pounds.

So, if you are thinking of taking CoQ10 just for helping with weight loss, you may have to look at other natural remedies.

And did you know that having an attractive body is just one of the many benefits of loosing some weight?

There are many health benefits in shedding a few pounds. We are certain that you already know.

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This may be a supplement that practically everyone should consider taking.

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