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Coughing Remedies For Children That Work

What are effective coughing remedies for children?

coughing remedies for childrenA child who is coughing creates a lot of stress for parents. They often sound chesty when they breathe (called croup or a barking cough).

The airways of children and infants are not fully developed and are much smaller than adults.

It doesn't take much mucus or inflammation to reduce air flow into and out of their lungs.

Because they are unable to breathe freely, they often become irritated, agitated and can't sleep well at night.

Most over the counter medications are not recommended for children under six years of age. There are many natural remedies that help open up the airway, reduce inflammation and stop coughing.

Below is a summary of many things you can do and some effective supplements that you can take to stop your child from coughing.

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Prevent Dehydrationcoughing remedies

Make sure your child gets sips of water constantly. Dehydration will make the mucus thicker and harder to get rid of. A moist throat also helps to reduce irritation and reduce the urge to cough.

Lozengescoughing remedies

Older children can suck on cough lozenges to get relief from coughs. Do not give lozenges to young children if there is a risk of choking. Also, do not given them lozenges if they are lying down or ready to go to sleep. Younger children may suck on a cough lollipop.

Chest Rubs

Also consider offering a back rub. It will help to release any mucus and provide comfort to the child. Use some mentholated ointment (Vicks VapoRub) on the chest for added relief from coughing.

Eucalyptus Oil

Add some eucalyptus oil into the vaporizer and place it in the bedroom where your children are sleeping. The aroma and increased humidity in the room will help to reducing coughing at night. This is especially useful if your child is suffering from the common cold or flu.

Marshmallow (Althea officinalis)

This herb has been used for centuries to help loosen mucus and soothe the airways and the throat.

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)

This herb not only helps treat viral infections by boosting the immune system, it also helps to maintain the quality of the lungs and airways.

Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

This herb is very well known for its ability to support and calm the respiratory system. It has a multitude of uses including supporting the immune system. Quality remedies for cough will usually include this herb in their formulations.

Homeopathic Cough Remedies

There is a growing trend in usingr natural and homeopathic solutions to common health problems in children.

Remedies for coughing are no exception. Why the popularity? Because they work with less side effects unlike many over the counter cough medications.

Homeopathic ingredients such as pulsatilla, bryonia, kali mur and ferrum phos are commonly found in homeopathic cough formulations.

Want to Find Out All the Natural Remedies for Coughs?

See Natural Cough Remedies for a complete list of the many natural remedies to help with coughing. 
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