Curcumin Benefits Hepatitis and Liver Disease

Two recent animal studies show that curcumin benefits hepatitis induced by chemicals

May 19, 2010

Two recent animal studies highlighted the potential of using the common Indian spice turmeric in protecting the liver against damage caused by chemicals toxic to the liver.

What's special about turmeric, a common spice used in cooking? It contains the bright yellow active chemical curcumin. This chemical is known to have antioxidant and antiinflammatory benefits.

The researchers experimentally caused the rats to get hepatitis by exposing them to chemicals, such as mercury. By giving curcumin to the animals, their liver did not get as inflamed. As well blood chemicals that show how much stress the liver is experiencing is significantly reduced.

Bottom Line

The researchers are very confident that curcumin could represent a natural alternative or a supplement to conventional therapy in the fight against liver disease. They encourage further research in clinical studies. This may be a suitable herb to take for those who may want to protect themselves against liver disease.

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