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Cure for Flu - Best Natural Solutions?

Looking for a cure for flu? Is there one?

Scientists are constantly looking to find a cure for the influenza (flu). So far, they have not gotten much success. For one thing, the flu virus mutates rapidly rendering existing flu vaccines ineffective.

Moreover, there are hundreds of strains of the flu virus but the annual flu shot typically contains 3 of the most likely strain to appear. It's a guessing game!

If you catch a strain that's not included in your annual flu shot, it's as if you didn't get the shot at all.

People are starting to recognize that the flu can be prevented, in large part, by following common sense approaches, like keeping the hands clean, and away from the eyes and nose, maintaining health and proper diet.

There are also many natural remedies for flu that work by boosting your immune system and reducing severity and duration of the symptoms. While there is not a cure for flu, learn how to reduce your chances of becoming victim to this dreaded virus.

Read the articles below to get tips and natural remedies that may help you prevent catching the flu!

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Articles on Cure for Flu

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Revised: December 30, 2010

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