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Cutting Off Skin Tags at Home - Detailed Procedures

Get Detailed Procedures for Cutting Off Skin Tags at Home

If you tell a healthcare professional that you want to cut off your skin tags at home, they will surely recommend that you do not do this!

We know for a fact that many people have done this with varying results. This may be, in part, due to lack of good information or experience.

This detailed article will provide the information you need.

As for experience, well... that you will have to get on your own by practicing on your own skin tags! Maybe you are lucky enough to practice on someone else?

What about using a scissor or knife to cut them off?

We will endeavour to give you as much practical tips and tricks as possible so that you'll have the best results.

Following the outlined procedures below, the chance of getting an infection is very low. As for scarring, there are many factors including your technique and the size of the skin tags.

Tools and Supplies you should have on hand
  • removing skin tags with scissorsnew/clean sharp scissor or a new nail clipper
  • tweezer
  • Hand sanitizer gel
  • Rubbing alcohol (99% or 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol)
  • Sterile gauze pads (about around 2"x2") - 4 or 5 of them
  • Bandages - one per skin tag removed
Optional Materials
  • Cigarette lighter (to sterilize the scissor and tweezer)
  • Instead of the rubbing alcohol, you may use alcohol swabs.
  • Ice cubes or ELMA cream to numb the area.
Procedures for cutting off skin tags - Lesson 101
  1. Wash hands and use a hand sanitizer gel. Sterilize your scissor or knife and tweezer. Use a sterile gauge soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the entire cutting edges of the scissor or tweezer.

    Optionally, you may also use a cigarette lighter to sterilize it with heat. Allow to it to dry (or cool down).

  2. Cool down the area around the skin tag using an ice cube for several minutes. The purpose is to numb the area to reduce pain.

    Alternatively, use the EMLA patch following manufacturer's directions. This step is optional.

  3. Using a new alcohol swab, clean the area of skin around the skin tag. Allow the skin to dry completely. This usually takes no more than one minute.

  4. Cut off the skin tag as close to the healthy skin as possible. Use the sterilized tweezer to hold on to the skin tag to make sure it doesn't move when you cut it. You may experience some pain.

  5. Some bleeding may occur. Lightly apply pressure to the area using a new gauze until bleeding stops and then apply a bandage.


Concluding Thoughts

Cutting off skin tags at home is not as difficult as all the steps above might seem to be.

Make sure to read all our articles first at Skin Tag Removal at Home so that you have all the information. Intelligent individuals will make sure they know technique procedure first before proceeding.

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