Does Taking Deer Velvet for Impotence REALLY Work?

You might have heard of some of the health benefits of taking this popular natural supplement.

It has been reported to help with enhancing muscle strength, boosting athletic performance and reducing muscle pain.

It is also reported to enhance the immune system, lower blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, treat cancer, reduce acne and help with asthma.

Here we will investigate the truth and find out if taking deer velvet for impotence actually works.

Some men claimed that it acts as an aphrodisiac by boosting sex drive.

Others have reported that it seems to improve and strengthen erection in both health men and those who suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence).

And what's the best way to find out if it really works?

By looking at published clinical studies. Are there any out there that we can refer to?

Yes indeed. There is one we can look at...

Does Deer Velvet Work to Improve Sexual Performance?

Perhaps the researchers in this first study said it best.

In their words, they found that in healthy males (who do not suffer from impotence) there does not appear to be any benefit in taking deer velvet to boost sexual function.

The researchers took great effort to ensure that the study was done properly by making sure the subjects were blinded (they didn't know if they were taking the actual deer velvet or a look-a-like dummy sugar pill).

The study latest 12 weeks and involved 32 male volunteers.

They not only asked the male volunteers, they also asked their sexual partners as well.

Blood samples were drawn to see if their sex-related hormones were changed by taking deer velvet. They were not.

Sure the study was done in 2003, but we don't expect the deer velvet to work today but not 10 years ago.

Below is the reference to the study.

deer velvet impotence study ref image 1

More recently, another group of researchers thought that it was time to take a look at all the research studies to date that has been done on deer antler velvet.

They systematically went thorough all published researchers and focused only on those studies that were designed properly (to avoid biases such as the placebo effect).

They found 7 published studies that met their criteria.

Claims for the benefits of deer velvet include the following:

rheumatoid arthritis (2 studies)

osteoarthritis (1 study)

sexual enhancement (1 study; the one discussed above)

athletic performance enhancement (3 studies)

Their conclusions after combing through all the papers? None offered promising benefits.

Sure, they did say that two of them showed modest benefits but the benefit was just marginal and wasn't all that impressive at all.

The remaining five showed no benefits at all. You might just as well have taken a sugar pill or nothing at all.

Here's the reference to the published study.

deer antler velvet benefits ref image 2

Bottom Line

Thinking of taking deer velvet as a supplement to improve your sexual performance?

Don't bother at this moment.

It does not work, based on the well-designed study presented above.

We apologize for the disappointing news.Save your money for something else.Until convincing evidence shows that it works, you'll have to look at other supplements for boosting sex drive or for treating ED.

Deer antler velvet is just one of many erectile dysfunction supplements many people use around the world in hopes of boost their sexual performance.

There are many others.

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