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Depression and Heart Disease

February 23, 2010

depression and heart diseaseDepression and Heart Disease - It has long been suspected that being happy most of the time can ward off heart disease but a newly published study involving 1,739 adults proves it.

Men and women who are happy have less chance of developing heart disease and angina over a 10 year period. The reasearchers are not quite sure exactly what factors may have directly contributed to the heart protective effect of being happy but there are several factors that come into play.

People who are happy tends to:
  • have behavior that are healthy to the heart
  • handle stress better or don't see the situation as stressful
  • have less "negative effects" such as depression, anxiety and anger
  • experience more of joy, excitement and general satisfaction with life
  • sleep better
The researchers used a 5 point scale to judge happiness. It was shown that adults benefit from a 22% drop in the risk of heart disease with every 1 point.

If you suffer from depression, check with your family doctor. There are several natural remedies such as St. John's wort, valerian and melatonin that can be helpful for treating mild to moderate depression and insomnia. There are also herbs that can be useful in managing stress.

It pays to find ways to boost your emotional health by engaging in activities you enjoy, being with friends who are upbeat and to always be aware of the amount of stress and anxiety that you experience.

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