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Does Dermabrasion Work for Acne Scars?

So, does dermabrasion work for acne scars?

The short answer is yes. Expect a 20 to 40% improvement for each treatment. Here are the details.

What is dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is one of several effective treatment options for improving the look and feel of the skin. This technique uses a small instrument that effectively removes the top layer of the skin to expose the healthier skin cells underneath. When this layer is removed, the bottom newer layer grows to replace the removed layer. This results in a tighter and smoother complexion.

Some facts about acne scars

Worldwide, many people are faced with acne scars. Children and adults, male and females are all affected. For some people, this condition causes emotional and self-esteem issues because many of these scars are highly visible.

Because the scars are often not flat with the rest of the skin, their raised or depressed appearances allow light to cast shadows on them. This makes them even more apparent. And if you think about it, the face is what everyone looks at since it's the most visible part of the body.

What dermabrasion does is to make acne scars level to the surrounding skin. By leveling the scars, the shadows don't appear and they become less visible.

The miracle of dermabrasion, or not...

If you are expecting miracle, you may have to look elsewhere or other techniques. The results will vary depending on many factors including the severity of the acne scars in the first place.

Experts estimate that you can expect to see a 20% to 40% improvement for each dermabrasion treatment session. Several treatment sets may be required to get the results you want. And there will be some acne scars that simply cannot be taken care of by dermabrasion if they are severe to start with.

Where do you get dermabrasion treatment...

Dermabrasion therapy can be performed either at the doctor's office specializing in this treatment option or at the hospital (less of this nowadays due to cost issues). The typical treatment last about 15 minutes to over an hour depending on the size of the area to be treated. Once done, most people are able to return home immediately.

You may experience pain or discomfort so pain relief medication may be prescribed for you. Expect some swelling and redness for up to 2 weeks and apply any necessary creams as directed by your doctor.

Your skin may appear sunburned for up to 6 weeks and results can be seen in 4 to 6 weeks after treatment. The acne scars that disappear will not come back as the results are permanent. If necessary and if you feel additional treatment may diminish the acne scars further, another treatment can be arranged.


Does dermabrasion work for acne scars? Yes, in most people, good results can be expected. Dermabrasion is not a new technique as it has been used for decades. More than one session may be required to get the results you desire. Today, laser technology is becoming very popular as an alternative to dermabrasion treatment.

Discuss the various options with a qualified healthcare professional trained in acne scar removal procedures.

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