Does Duct Tape Remove Warts?

Really now, does duct tape remove warts or is it just a myth? In our pharmacy, many moms ask us this familiar question, “Does duct tape remove warts?” We get this question about twice weekly. Why use duct tape?First, it is cheap. Second, it's easy. Third, it doesn't hurt. Is it too good to be true?

Are there any scientific studies actually done to prove this? The surprising answer is YES.

We are not surprised that many parents will try this. Actually, we don’t discourage this because there are no side effects or dangers (except the gooey sticky glue that’s left behind when you peel the duct tape off!).

Scientific Studies Scientist first thought that perhaps the tape or glue stimulates and boosts the immune system in that area to kill off the wart virus naturally. The first report published in 2002 showed using duct tape was more effective than cryotherapy (freezing therapy).

The news media read this and proclaimed that a home remedy was found for getting rid of warts!

Unfortunately, more recent better designed studies done in 2006 and 2007 showed that it doesn’t work. But the problem was that in the new studies, researchers used clear duct tape instead which had a difference type of glue! Different glue, different results!

Perhaps Imagination Played a Part? Science has proven that imagination and imagery can also affect our immune system. Believing that it works may enhance the body’s ability to kill off the wart.

Why not call upon the child’s or teenager’s imagination to fight off the wart virus? There’s no risk or downside of doing this and it can only help.

What are Some Natural Remedies for Getting Rid of Warts? What about using natural remedies for getting rid of warts? There are many herbs such as garlic, L-lysine and tea tree oil that are shown to be quite helpful.

If you are curious about which one to use along with directions, see our detailed and complete review.

Bottom LineThese are skin growths that can show up on fingers, hands, feet, toes, and genital areas. It is caused by the human papilloma virus, known as HPV. So, the truth is that scientific studies show that applying duct tape to warts does work.
We do encourage parents try duct tape to remove warts but use it along side with natural remedies or conventional therapy.

If the child believes that it works, you child or teenager will be more likely to comply with the treatment. Why not use duct tape in combination with natural remedies for warts or conventional therapy?

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