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Does Maca Work for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

So, does maca work to treat ED or impotence?

Very likely. This Peruvian herb is commonly referred to as Peruvian Ginseng. It is a vegetable grown in the high mountains of Peru. Analysis shows that the root contains over 30 useful minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

There’s a growing body of animal and human research studies to show that it can be helpful in treating sexual health problems such as low sex drive (libido) and erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Benefits in boosting libido and treating erectile dysfunction (ED)

At least two studies done by two different research teams showed that maca boosts libido in men. It is known that boosting testosterone levels in men will enhance libido.

But maca gives all the benefits without having any effect on the testosterone levels so researchers thinks it works through a different mechanism.

Many supplements marketed for treating ED and low sex drive include maca root as an ingredient in their formulation. The good news is that side effects of maca root are not commonly reported.

Maca as a fertility herb

Maca also seems to enhance fertility in men by preventing damage to the sperm. It has been shown to increase sperm counts in maca fed animals. Moreover, female rats given maca produced more offsprings.

Researchers are continuing their studies to find out how maca enhances the reproductive function.

Find out many other Herbs to Increase Fertility in this detailed report.

Other reported health benefits of maca

There is a growing evidence that maca can be successfully used to treat an enlarged prostate gland, diabetes, high cholesterol, memory problems and cancer.

To get full details, see our complete review on the health benefits of maca including dose to use, side effects and what to watch out for.


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Created: October 7, 2010

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