What are some eczema natural remedies and techniques you can try?

Eczema is known as dermatitis. It is a disorder of the skin that can range from being just annoying to severe discomfort and pain. The most common symptoms of eczema are rashes and mild to severe itching on skin on any part of the body.

Unfortunately, science has not discovered any known cure for this global problem. Fortunately, there are many different home and natural remedies that can be tried to manage the itch and discomfort. Some methods can be quite effective in some people and it is worth trying since there is little risk involved.

Children seem to be prone to developing eczema. The most commonly used prescription creams are corticosteroids (steroids) that suppress the immune system to stop the rash and itch. Although it is effective, there are known long-term side effects such as absorption of the steroids through the skin and permanent thinning of the skin. These two major side effects are the reason why many people are looking for an alternative natural solution.

#1 Healthy Lifestyle and Better Food Choices

Stress is known to worsen and trigger outbreaks of eczema. Children may not know how to manage stress the way adults can so you may need to spend more effort in teaching them the basics.

No doubt, you are what you eat. Avoid eating "junk foods" including deep-fried foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Cut back on sweats and candies.

#2 Moisturizers

Apply coconut oil or a good natural moisturizer to keep the skin moist. Dry skin further worsens the eczema symptoms. If possible, choose a brand that uses organic ingredients and that are free from dyes and perfumes.Also consider using aloe Vera as it has healing properties and is an excellent first or second choice as well.

#3 Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress can help to control the rash and itch from eczema. This method can be used for eczema in any location of the body. The cold temperature makes the symptoms less severe because it makes the nerves less sensitive.

#4 Natural Remedies

Mix camphor with sandalwood and apply the mixture to the area affected by eczema. This can give you quick and effective relief from the itch and discomfort. Start with a small amount of camphor at first and then increase the amount you add to the paste. Too much camphor can cause irritation as well.

Witch hazel can be used as it has anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for eczema conditions. Chamomile can also be added to witch hazel. Experiment with a mixture until you find one that works for your exact skin type.

#5 Use Natural Soaps and Cleansers

Use perfume-free soap to wash the affected areas. Honey glycerin soap is a good choice. Also consider organic or naturally made soap. This will avoid xposure to harsh chemicals used in commercially available soaps.


There is no cure for eczema but by following some steps, you can keep the symptoms under control and the rash and itch to a minimum.

Most people can lead perfectly normal lives symptom free most of the time. All you need is some patience to find at least one of the many eczema natural remedies that will work for your particular situation.

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