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Effective Remedies for Yeast Infections? Effective Remedies for Yeast Infections?

Effective Remedies for Yeast Infections?

by MH

What are some effective remedies for yeast infections?


There are quite a few natural remedies that can be very helpful in fighting off vaginal yeast infections.

You can get the COMPLETE list of natural remedies that work in this article Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections.

But here's the list of the top five remedies (extracted from that article) that you can try:

1 - Lactobacilllus
2 - Garlic
3 - Tea Tree Oil
4 - Oregano Oil
5 - Echinacea

By far, lactobacillus and garlic are the two best remedies with the most scientific evidence of effectiveness. Tea tree oil ranks second.

Lactobacillus found in yogurt and garlic can be inserted vaginally or taken by mouth. Tea tree oil can only be used vaginally as a douche. It is harmful to take essential oils interally.

Depending on how severe the yeast infection is, many cases can be treated with home and natural remedies. Severe or resistant cases will need prescription treatment while infrequent and mild yeast infections can be easily managed with home and natural remedies.

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