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Enhance Fertility - Common Sense Lifestyle Tips

Discover ways to enhance fertility by making changes to lifestyle and diet

herbs to increase fertility in men and womenAre there ways to boost the chance of getting pregnant? Infertility affects one in every six couple so this problem is common.

For many, focusing on getting pregnant takes the fun and sexual pleasure out of having sex. Others can find it stressful trying to calculate when they should engage in sexual intercourse.

But there are several ways to enhance pregnancy without having to use drugs or even natural remedies for fertility.

Below are five ways to boost fertility.

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#1 Smoking

We all know that smoking is a no-no when a woman is pregnant but did you know that it’s also very bad for those trying to get pregnant? The toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke have a bad effect on the reproductive system too.

#2 Alcohol

Drinking occasional will have not have much effect but drinking two or three glasses daily can reduce fertility.

#3 Excessive Caffeine

Avoid drinking more than one cup of coffee a day. Excessive caffeine is not good for those women planning on getting pregnant.

The article Foods Containing Caffeine gives you an idea of the amount of caffeine that is found in different types of foods.

Consider making better food choices. Eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on fats.

#4 Increased Physical Activity

Start with very simple activity such as walking up stairs rather than taking the elevator or taking a walk after a meal. As you get used to it, eventually increase it to 30 minutes of light (or heavy) physical activity three times daily.

Why exercise? It keeps the cardiovascular system working and gets the blood flowing to the reproductive system to help with ovulation and hormone production.

#5 Control Stress

Excessive stress causes the body to produce lots of hormones that counteracts the female hormones. This imbalance can make it hard for women to get pregnant.

Stress Management Tips is an article that provides very useful tips and tricks on controlling and reducing stress without using drugs.

It is also important to check with your doctor to get a full physical checkup if there are any concerns.

As well, there are many supplements and herbs to increase fertility that you can take. They can be a worthwhile addition to lifestyle and diet changes.

We have found an informative book that can help enhance fertility and boost your chance of getting pregnant. Discover powerful natural cures for infertility in this informative book. The publisher offers a money-back guarantee along with five additional books so it is totally risk-free for you.

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Created: October 11, 2010

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