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Treating Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

How is Impotence Identified?

It is important to recognize that erectile dysfunction (ED) may be a sign of a physical problem such as diabetes or side effects from using over the counter (non-prescription) or prescription medications.

Consult with your healthcare professional who can give you a physical exam to make sure the cause is not a medical condition such as undetected diabetes or a prostate problem.

If necessary your doctor may refer you to see a urologist, a doctor that is specialized in treating erectile dysfunction. leaf logo herbal plant natural remedies review

How is Impotence Normally Treated?

Managing Health Problems

If you are a diabetic, have high blood pressure, depression or other mental disorder, consult your doctor to make sure these conditions are treated and managed.

There is little sense to take a natural remedy to help with impotence when your blood sugar level is not controlled properly. Managing and fixing your existing health problems will ensure you can achieve an erection.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Have a healthy well-balanced diet so that you will maintain the best health possible.

Regular Exercises

Regular exercise will indirectly help with impotence. Regular exercise will ensure you maintain your physical health and stamina. Sexual intercourse requires physical energy.

Moreover, if you have diabetes, exercise can significantly improve your blood sugar levels. It also ensure your heart stays healthy.

Get Enough Rest

Ensure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep during most days of the week. Not only is this healthy for you, it ensure that you have enough physical energy you need to engage in sexual intercourse in the evening (after a hard day of work!)

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Use

Excessive alcohol (alcoholism) use can permanently damage your liver, brain and heart. Alcohol use can also make your sexual problems worse. Excessive alcohol use before sexual intercourse interferes with sexual sensation at the penis, orgasm or ejaculation.

Quit Smoking

Here are the facts (which you already know). Smoking is extremely bad for your health. Research provides it. Consider quitting smoking. There is nothing more damaging to your health in the long-term than smoking.It damages the lungs and every blood vessels in the body.

Damages to the blood vessels will eventually lead to permanent erectile dysfunction. If you are very concerned about treating your impotence, it does not make sense to look for a natural (or prescription) remedy while you continue to smoke.

Stress Management

Stress is a very real and large part of your home and work lives today. Write down a list of factors that are creating stress for you and separate them as either home/family or work.

Fixing stressful events may not be possible, especially those that are not under your control. Work on those that you might some control. Dealing with your stress will go a long way.


These activities can be very useful in helping you cope with the stress in your life. Yoga is not just for females! May males take up the practice of meditation and yoga.

Consider including them in your weekly routines if stress is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.


If you are suffering from anger, anxiety and stress, consider getting help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. He or she may be able to help you cope with relationship or emotional problems that you are faced with.

Prescription Medical Review

Ask your pharmacist or doctor if any of the prescription medications you are taking can cause erectile dysfunction.Your doctor can work with you to either change the medication to some other type that is less likely to cause impotence.

Vacuum device and Impotence Aids

This impotence aid is a vacuum pump that are placed over the penis. A hand pump creates a gentle vacuum and allows blood to flow into the penis and causes an erection.

Then a specially designed rubber ring is placed around the base of the penis to keep the blood from leaving. This ring will allow the penis to stay erect and firm until it is removed.

For those who are able to achieve an erection, but that it does not stay firm long enough to have normal sexual intercourse, impotence rings are available. These rings are placed over the fully erect penis to prevent blood from leaving.

These impotence rings do not usually interfere with the sexual sensation or orgasm (ejaculation).

And what about natural remedies to treat ED? Click here to find out.

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