Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence

What are some natural remedies for treating erectile dysfunction?

First and foremost. Make sure you support your general health.

Herbs are not designed to replace your need to get enough sleep!

Nor are supplements going to help if you continue to smoke (known to cause impotence).

We do recommend trying natural cures for treating erectile dysfunction as a first step.

There are a various herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction that you can try.

Below is a quick summary of home herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals that have been used to help treat erectile dysfunction.

The Complete List of Natural Remedies for Impotence

Natural Remedies What experts say about them
Yohimbe leaf plant logo natural remedies review (What's this?)

There are many clinical studies that show that yohimbe, which contains the active ingredient yohimbine, does work to improve erection.

For a detailed report, see Health Benefits of Yohimbe.

Panax ginseng leaf plant logo natural remedies review

How does ginseng work? Studies show that this popular herbal supplement increases blood flow to the penis to support erection.

The active ingredient find in ginseng is ginsenosides.

For a detailed report, see Benefits of Panax Ginseng.

L-arginine leaf logo

Many clinical studies have demonstrated arginine's positive effect in promotion penile erection. And in order for it to be effective, higher (but safe) dosages are required.

Experts have determined that a dose of 5 grams daily is required for it to be effective. Lower doses do not appear to be effective.

See Benefits of L-Arginine for ED for a discussion on the effectiveness and recommended dosage of this amino acid for treating impotence.

For additional information on this popular supplement, see Benefits of L-Arginine.

Pycnogenol leaf plant logo natural remedies review

Several studies show that taking Pycnogenol in combination with L-arginine enhances sexual function and helps to significantly treat impotence. (Prelox is the brand used.)

Note: Pycnogenol is a proprietary extract from the bark of the French maritime pine. The typical dosage is 120 mg taken daily.

See Using Pycnogenol for ED for a complete discussion on this supplement for treating impotence.

Maca leaf plant logo natural remedies review

Several small clinical studies showed that maca has a beneficial effects in men suffering from ED.

See Health Benefits of Maca for complete information and recommended dosage to use.

(Crocus sativus)
leaf plant logo natural remedies review

In a recent study done on 20 volunteers, saffron was shown to have a significant positive effect on sexual function with increased number and duration of erectile events.

This happened after only 10 days of treatment.

Dose: Take 200 mg of saffron in the morning.  

Ginkgo biloba leaf plant logo natural remedies review
DHEA leaf plant logo natural remedies review
Damiana leaf plant logo natural remedies review
Tribulus terrestris leaf plant logo natural remedies review
Saw Palmetto leaf plant logo natural remedies review

See The Use of Saw Palmetto for ED for discussion on the use of this herb for treating impotence.

Muira puama leaf plant logo natural remedies review
Horny Goat Weed leaf plant logo natural remedies review
Melatonin leaf plant logo natural remedies review
Catuaba leaf plant logo natural remedies review
L-Carnitine Some research studies show that carnitine has substantial antioxidant benefits and improves sperm quality.

It also has been shown to improve testosterone levels and to help with sexual dysfunction, depression and fatigue.

Dose: The typical dosage is 500 mg to 2000 mg daily.

Cordyceps sinensis In China, cordyceps is a traditional herb used to treat impotence and low sex drive.

Unfortunately, there is little scientific studies to suggest that it might be effective.

Dose: The typical dosage is 3 grams daily.

Ashwaganha This herbal remedy is used for its adaptogen (stress relieving) benefits. It has been suggested for use to treat impotence.

Dose: The typical dosage is 1 to 2 grams three times daily.

Vitamins & Minerals for Erectile Dysfunction

Would a vitamin actually help treat impotence?

Probably not.

If you are under stress, for example, taking a B-complex vitamin could help reduce the stress level.

And we all know that high stress level dampens the sexual desire as well as the ability to "perform".

Nevertheless, you might want to consider taking a high-potency multi-vitamin supplement daily as a form of "insurance".

But don't expect to notice any benefits.

Below are two recommended vitamins worth considering.

Vitamins & Minerals What experts say about them
Zinc The mineral zinc seems to contribute to fertility and to help in spermatogensis (the making of sperm).

One research study show that patients taking zinc had an improvement in sexual potency, erection ability, libido and frequency of intercourse.

However, not all studies show positive benefits.

Dose: The typical dosage recommended is 50 mg daily.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) Niacin is known to cause blood vessels to dilate and has been suggested to help with impotence.

However, there is little research done to see if niacin would be helpful in treating impotence.

Dose: A typical dosage would be 25 to 50 mg daily.

Wondering If the Foods You Eat Really Matters?

Does the food you choose to eat really enhance impotence?

Yes, they could have an effect.

Read The List of Libido Foods to find out the type of foods you should be eating to help boost your sex drive.

You might be surprised to find out that certain foods may have an impact.

Be sure to eat more of those foods that could help.

Also worth mentioning, even though you probably know it, keep your stress levels down.

If you smoke? Don't. Work on a plan to eventually quit.

Your lungs and heart is not the only organs that will thank you.