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External Hemorrhoids Treatment

Are there any effective external hemorrhoids treatment?

Hemorrhoids outside of the rectum often cause severe pain and discomfort. These swollen veins hang outside of the body where they can easily get irritated when you pass stool or when you simply clean that area.

There are many causes of hemorrhoids but the most common ones are excessive lifting of heavy objects, pregnancy, standing or sitting too long, obesity, genetics and chronic constipation.

If there is no bleeding from the hemorrhoids, natural and home remedies can be an excellent first choice in treating this problem.

Below is a list of techniques and recommendations for keeping external hemorrhoids from getting worse or causing pain.

Sit on a doughnut pillow

This product can be purchased from your pharmacy. It is called an invalid ring. It looks like a large inflatable donut that you sit on. Its purpose is to remove pressure from the rectal area.

Avoid sitting on the toilet too long

Sitting on the toilet too long can put pressure on the rectal region, especially on the blood vessels. This causes them to swell up. Avoid reading the newspaper while sitting on the toilet.

Use a sitz bath

Instead of using towel or tissue to wipe the area, consider getting a sitz bath to clean the rectal areas. It looks like a large bowl with an attachment that releases a stream of water upwards like a water fountain.

It cleans the rectal area without irritating it. It is inexpensive and can be purchased from your local pharmacy.

Use hemorrhoidal creams and ointments

Hemorrhoidal ointments can be used to get rid of painful hemorrhoids. Even using petrolatum jelly prior to a bowel movement and afterwards can take the pain away.

Use baby wipes and not toilet paper

Do not use toilet paper. Instead use soft baby wipes instead. They are less irritating to the external hemorrhoids.

Use witch hazel or aloe vera gel

Even better, soak a cotton ball or cosmetic pads with witch hazel and clean the rectal area with that instead. Afterwards, apply aloe vera gel to keep the hemorrhoids from being irritated. It will reduce pain and swelling.

Use ice packs and heat packs

Applying ice to the hemorrhoids helps to get rid of the discomfort. Wrap the ice in a towel first otherwise it can be too cold and might further irritate the hemorrhoids.

Some people prefer warmth instead. Try applying heat with a water bottle to see if you get pain relief.

Make dietary changes

Ensure you are getting at least eight glasses of water daily. Also increase your fiber intake up to 40 grams daily if practical. These two recommendations are designed to help prevent constipation.

Straining to pass stool puts a lot of pressure on the already enlarged veins and it will further enlarge the hemorrhoids.

Obviously, avoid spicy foods if possible.

Consider weight loss

It is known that excessive weight can put pressure on the lower part of the body and can cause hemorrhoids to get worse.

Making lifestyle changes

Try not to lift heavy objects or engage in vigorous or strenuous physical activities. This will help keep the pressure on the blood vessels in the rectum to a minimum.

These recommended external hemorrhoids treatment tips can be helpful in giving you pain relief as well as to keep the hemorrhoids for swelling further.

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