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Fertility Diet

What fertility diet should men and women go on?

herbs to increase fertility in men and womenIt is known that the foods that you eat affect your overall heath. It becomes even more important when you are trying to conceive.

Proper nutrition from all the food groups and following a lifestyle that is healthy increase your chance of getting pregnant quicker.

Below are some recommendations as to what to eat to boost fertility. It's also important to avoid many foods and drinks (such as alcohol) that can reduce fertility.

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Recommended Foods to Eat
  • Select free-range lean poultry and wild fish. Omega-3's found in fish oil support uterine function and promote fertility.

  • Include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet.

  • Avoid dehydration by drinking water at regular intervals. Drinking water helps your body get rid of toxic substances.

  • For men, eat foods high in zinc such as pumpkin seeds. Zinc is needed for proper reproductive function in men.

Foods to Avoid Eating
  • Avoid consuming alcohol. Alcohol harms sperm production and can reduce fertility in females.

  • When possible, choose organic animal meats. This will ensure that the meat has not been treated with hormones.

  • Avoid getting too much caffeine. Reduce the amount of caffeinated drinks including coffee, tea and soft drinks. Too much caffeine is suspected to cause miscarriage. Drink no more than 1 cup of coffee daily.

  • Avoid eating fast food, processed or canned foods. Many of these foods include chemicals that can affect the hormone levels.


Fertile XX

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Recommended Guideherbs to increase fertility in men and women

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Revised: June 11, 2011

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