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Feverfew for Migraines - Will This Herb Help?

Is it helpful to use feverfew for migraines? Does it really work?

Many clinical studies done in subjects suffering from migraine headaches show that feverfew is effective in migraine prevention.

Studies show that this herb is able to reduce the frequency, pain, sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting. It seemed to work better in those individuals who get migraines more often.

There are some studies that showed that taking feverfew was no better than taking a placebo (sugar pill). However, some researchers believed that this was due to the differences in how the herb was harvested and processed.

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Evidence of Benefits (What's this?)

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Do we know how it works?

Despite continued research study efforts, experts are not certain how feverfew works to prevent migraine attacks.

Are there OTHER effective migraine remedies?

Absolutely! See the article on Migraine Remedies to discover many natural remedies and supplements that work.

Suggested Doses and Dosage Formulations

The dose used in research studies ranges from 50 to 100 mg of the feverfew extract taken once daily.

In the studies, subjects had to take the supplement for at least six weeks before many of them could experience significant benefits.

It is best to use standardized extracts as there can be significant variations in the amount of the active ingredients between manufacturers. (There are reports of up to a 400% difference!)

Dried Fresh Leaves

Use 2 to 3 dried leaves once daily. Or, you can take 125 mg of the dried leaf powder daily. Typically, these leaves are standardized against 0.2% of parthenolide found in feverfew.

Freeze-Dried Leaves

Take 50 mg once daily.

Pure Active Ingredient

Take 250 to 500 mcg of parthenolide once daily. However, we believe taking the herb would be a much better choice since parthenolide may not be the chemical responsible for preventing migraines.

What is the Best Product to Use for Migraines?

Although this herb works well by itself, a combination product can produce better results. Migone Plus is one such combination product.
The company that makes it offers a 1 year money-back guarantee on all the products they produce so you have nothing to lose (except your migraines).

Get More Information Today on Migone Plus

Get more information on all the natural solutions to treating migraine headaches and getting pain relief

See Migraine Cures to get a series of easy to understand articles on treating migraines using diet, lifestyle changes and natural remedies.

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Created: August 26, 2010

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