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Foods Containing Caffeine

Foods containing caffeine - What you should know.

Caffeine is found naturally in foods such as chocolate and flavouring additives as well as it can be added to food products by manufacturers.

Many energy drinks marketed to enhance performance, endurance and to prevent fatigue contain large amounts of caffeine along with taurine.

Knowing how much caffeine is in the various products you eat will ensure you won't experience any side effects from taking too much caffeine. Find out how much caffeine is in coffee as it's one of the most popular drinks around the world. In moderation, it can be good for your health.

Foods containing caffeine

Foods Size Caffeine
Coffee - Brewed 8 oz (1 cup) 135 mg
Coffee - Drip 8 oz 179 mg
Coffee - Instant Powdered 8 oz 76 - 106 mg
Coffee - Decaffeinated 8 oz 3 - 4 mg
Tea - Iced 8 oz 47 mg
Tea - Typical 8 oz 40 - 60 mg
Tea - Green Tea 8 oz 15 - 30 mg
Tea - Instant 8 oz 15 - 30mg
Tea - Decaffeinated 8 oz 0 mg
Cocoa Powdered Mix 8 oz 5 - 14 mg
Chocolate Milk 6 oz 4 mg
Chocolate - Milk Chocolate 1 oz 7 mg
Chocolate - Sweet Chocolate 1 oz 19 mg
Chocolate - Unsweetened Baking 1 oz 25 - 58 mg
Chocolate - Cake 2.8 oz 6 mg
Chocolate - Brownies 1.5 oz 10 mg
Chocolate - Mousse 3.2 oz 15 mg
Chocolate - Pudding 5.1 oz 9 mg
Red Bull 12 oz 115.5 mg
Moutain Dew 12 oz 55 mg
Dr. Pepper 12 oz 41 mg
Coca Cola Classic 12 oz 34 mg

References: Health Canada Foods & Nutrition and Others

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What are the benefits of caffeine?

Click here to see our full review on caffeine and the benefits of getting some caffeine in your diet. Discover for yourself some of the health benefits and side effects of this drug that practically everyone takes.

Does using caffeine for ADHD kids help reduce hyperactivity symptoms?

There are news report that some moms are using coffee for their children with ADHD. And these mother reports that it works.

See the report Coffee for ADHD for more information. Recommended dosing information can be found in our report Caffeine for ADHD.

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References for Foods Containing Caffeine & Health Canada
Revised: September 25, 2011

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