Garcinia Cambogia - Does It Work? (Part I)

You've heard the hype.

Taking garcinia cambogia for weight loss really causes you to shed pounds.

The wise you tells you that it might not be true and that the reported weight you can expect to lose is probably much higher than reality.

The hopeful you really wants you to believe that, this time around, there is finally a supplement that will work for you.

And the more you hear about this all-natural super weight loss and appetite suppressing, the harder it is for you to ignore.

Surely, if everyone is talking and raving about its benefits, it must work.

But how can you be sure?

How can you separate the hype from the cold hard truth? From clinical studies in human volunteers of course.

In this first part of three reports, we'll discuss the results from animal studies.

In the second part, we'll talk about the safety issues concerning this supplement (Part 2).

And in the third part, we'll discuss the results from clinical trials conducted in volunteers (Part 3).

So let's look at several studies done in animals and find out the benefits in weight loss that this supplement promises...

Does Animal Studies Show Benefits?

What do studies in animals reveal?

Does it really work?

Also, where did all the hype come from?

In a large part, these excitement came from several promising studies done in animals.

It has been known for some time now that garcinia cambogia seemed to have a positive effect in reducing the size of fat cells in animals.

This have lead researchers to suspect that it might control how the body processes fat and thus this could leads to weight loss.

One paper published in 2007 by a research team lead by Oluyemi showed that garcinia cambogia promoted weight loss in Wistar rat. Here's the reference:

garcinia cambogia does it work reference image 1

In another 2011 paper, it was shown that the leaves of garcinia cambogia promoted a diuretic effect (which causes your body to get rid of excess fluid).

This could also account for some of the observed weight loss. Here's the published paper:

garcinia cambogia does it work reference image 2

Recent Animal Studies on Garcinia Cambogia

Let's look at a more recent study below and see what the researchers have discovered.

What the research study showed was that mice given a diet high in fat did not gain as much weight if they were given garcinia cambogia.

The study revealed that this natural supplement reduced fat deposits as well as reduce the size of the fat cells.

Moreover, it seemed to have a beneficial effect on the body's insulin and blood sugar regulation system.

From this, reporters concluded that if this substance can prevent weight gain from eating a diet high in fat, it will also help you lose weight.

Not the case.

The authors in the paper clearly stated that "there were no significant changes in body weight and food intake between the groups."

We don't know about you but we get the message clearly.

You won't lose weight if you take garcinia cambogia. Heck, it won't even supress your appetite.

According to the study, you might be able to prevent yourself from gaining weight if you decide to follow a reckless diet that's loaded with fats. (Think french fries and cheeseburgers 7 days a week.)

Clearly, this published paper reported bad news for millions of people who are hoping that garcinia cambogia could suppress appetite and promote weight loss.

Here's the reference to this published paper.

garcinia cambogia does it work reference image 3

But the researchers also pointed out that taking this supplement caused liver inflammation and increased oxidative stress on the liver.

Other current research studies carried out in rats and mice also found similar results in that garcinia cambogia seemed to prevent weight gain with a diet loaded with fats. However, it had no effect in promoting weight loss with a normal sensible diet.

What About the Safety of Taking this Supplement?

Sure, you'd like to loose weight.

And even if garcinia cambogia could help you shed pounds and keep your appetite down, what about safety issues?

Are you willing to risk your health to take a weight loss supplement if you knew that it could harm you?

This is something you need to give serious consideration.

Far too many people are willing to put their health at risk, especially when it comes to satisfying their desire to achieve their ideal body weight.

To find out the truth, see part 2 of our detailed report...

Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe? (Part 2 of 3)