Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss (Part III)

The findings from animals studies show negative results.

It doesn't seem to cause weight loss or suppress appetite in rats.

That's bad news already and we are just doing the basic research in animals!

But you are hopeful that the results from animal studies might be wrong and that we humans respond to garcinia cambogia differently.

That is a possibly but it seems remote.

In almost all situations, if animal studies show no benefit, we don't usual proceed to clinical trials.

However, in this case with garcinia cambogia, there are some studies done in volunteers.

Let's see what the findings are...

Research Studies on Using Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss

Most studies conducted on using garcinia cambogia for weight loss involved small numbers of individuals.

Moreover, no study lasted more than 12 weeks.

What this means is that the benefits of taking this herb may not extend past 12 weeks.

As well, none of the research studies were setup in a way that would make the results definitive. Those studies that are rigorously designed are somewhat more complex and expensive to carry out.

And in those studies that randomized the volunteers and were blinded (the volunteers could not tell if they were taking the real herb or just a look-a-like sugar pill), the results showed no weight loss.

The final conclusion is that there is really no convincing evidence that taking garcinia cambogia would results in rapid or even significant weight loss.

Is there any good news from this paper?


The research group reported that there was no toxicity detected in animal studies and that there were no side effects seen in human trials.

At least we know that it is relatively safe to take.

Here's the reference to this research paper, for those who are interested.

garcinia cambogia reference image 1

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To be sure, this is only an opinion of one group of scientists. Let's look at another group that did an exhaustive review of all the available published studies.

Through their investigation, they found fourteen published studies that were of high enough quality for them to include in their analysis.

What they found was that most natural plant-based supplements did not show any significant benefits in helping individuals with weight loss by suppressing appetite.

That's the bad news.

However, the only exception was a combination weight loss supplements containing garcinia cambogia and Glymnema sylvestre.

Regardless, the resulting weight loss from taking garcinia cambogia with glymnema sylvestre were modest. It is not anywhere near what people have reported in the media.

Here's the reference to their published study in case you want to read up on it.

garcinia for appetite suppression reference image 2

Bottom Line

Does taking garcinia cambogia for weight loss REALLY work?

The conclusion appears clear and it's not what you want to hear.

It doesn't appear to work. Not even mice.

And, if it didn't work it animals, it is very hard to believe that it would work in humans.

However, it worked to keep the mice from gaining extra weight from eating high-fat foods. Note that it did not cause any weight loss or suppression of appetite.

You may not want to believe all these research data showing negative results but there is an easy way to find out if you still insist.

Try it yourself.

After all, it's quite easy to measure your weight and see if it goes down.

But don't expect rapid or large weight loss. It's not realistic.

Moreover, it is harmful to your body's health.

As for using garcinia cambogia to curb your ferocious appetite, that might be harder to pin down. Undoubtedly, you will be influenced by your belief as to what this supplement has been reported to do.

Maybe you should take green coffee bean supplement instead? At least there are some evidence to show that it might work.