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Garlic for Flu? Does It Work?

Does using garlic for flu really prevent you for catching it?

The flu and common cold are two of the most common viral infections that affect people worldwide. Indeed, most people will get either the flu or cold at least once during the year, usually around the winter season.

The difficulty in finding a permanent cure is that the virus DNA (genetic information) changes constantly. This renders existing vaccines and our immune system unable to recognize and fight off the virus.

Health Benefits of Garlic

But what about using garlic for flu prevention? Here's the good news. There is scientific evidence that taking garlic can help to prevent and treat flu symptoms.

Garlic supplements seem to reduce the chance of catching the cold by about 50%. Experts believe that garlic works by boosting the immune system. This will better allow our own immunes system to fight off all types of viral infections.

Garlic seems to have anti-bacterial properties in addition to being able to enhance the immune system. Indeed, the active ingredient allicin found in garlic is even able to kill the MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) "superbug" found in hospitals. MRSA is a very serious bacterial infection that is resistant to many of today's most potent antibiotics.

Experts generally agree that garlic works best in preventing the common cold or flu, although it can be taken to reduce the duration and severity of the flu and cold symptoms. There is some evidence that taking a large dose of garlic just when you caught the flu can cut down your recovery time.

How to use garlic for flu

Garlic can be taken regularly to provide a boost the immune system.  Or you can use garlic as soon as you suspect that you might be coming down with the flu. Take up to 400 mg three times daily.

Herbalists suggest taking up to two whole clove of garlic daily. This is usually enough to support the immune system to protect you against catching the flu bug.

Some experts advocate using high doses of garlic just before you have signs of getting the flu. It is believe that this large dose might be enough to prevent you from developing the flu symptoms.

What other herbs are as good as garlic for flu prevention and treatment?

There are quite a few herbs and supplements that can be very helpful for flu prevention and treatment. Our article Natural Remedies for Flu provides extensive details and recommended doses to use.

This is a must read for anyone looking for a complete guide to natural cures for the flu.

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Created: November 28, 2010

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