Ginger for Fertility - Does It Really Help?

Thinking of taking ginger for fertility enhancement?

ginger for fertility

Many discriminating couples suffering from infertility are seeking natural solutions to boost fertility. Indeed, many supplements do exist that can enhance sperm motility and quantity in men and egg quality in women.

In addition to supplements like coenzyme Q10, vitamin B12, melatonin and pycnogenol, anecdotal reports suggest that ginger may be helpful as well.

There are some reports that drinking ginger tea can regulate menstrual cycle and thus increase the chance of conception. One animal study showed that giving ginger to diabetic rats enhances fertility.

In this report, we look at two conflicting studies and reveal what our thoughts are about using this herb...

Research studies on using ginger for fertility improvements

Research study #1

Safety and efficacy of Zingiber officinale roots on fertility of male diabetic rats.
Shalaby MA, Hamowieh AR.
Food Chem Toxicol. 2010 Oct;48(10):2920-4.

In this promising study, diabetic rats were given ginger root extract for 65 days by adding it to their drinking water.

The results? The rats showed improved fertility index, increased testosterone levels, sperm motility and sperm count.

Moreover, the untreated diabetic rats (the control group) had visible changes in the testes (the structure that produces sperm cells) and reduced sperm production. These changes were improved in the group of rats given ginger root supplement.

From this study, the authors concluded that taking ginger root could be helpful in diabetic men suffering from infertility.

Unfortunately, there's another study that casts doubts about the safety of using ginger for enhancing sperm motility...


Research Study #2

The effects of methanolic extracts of ginger (Zingiber officinale) on human sperm parameters; an in vitro study.
Jorsaraei SG, Yousefnia YR, Zainalzadeh M, et al.
Pak J Biol Sci. 2008 Jul 1;11(13):1723-7.

The results from this lab study suggest that exposing sperms cells to even low concentrations of ginger extract decreases sperm motility.

The higher the concentration of ginger extract and the longer the exposure time, the more the sperm cells slowed down.

Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, exposing sperm cells to the ginger root extract seemed to change the appearance and structures of the sperm cells. This is not a good thing to have happen.

The simple conclusion is that exposing sperm cells to ginger can cause toxic effect and thus may decrease fertility in men.

Some may argue that by taking ginger supplements, the active ingredients found in ginger root may not show up in the semen (and thus won't have an effect on sperm motility). But this fact is not currently known.

With other natural remedies like coenzyme Q10, vitamin B12, melatonin and pycnogenol, exposing them to sperm cells actually improves sperm quality and motility (or at least they had no negative effects on them).

As for the benefits of ginger for fertility in women, it is believed to regulate the menstrual cycle and could be helpful in promoting fertility.

Bottom line

Thinking of taking ginger for fertility enhancement?

The two studies presented show opposite results. It's one thing that a remedy doesn't work. It's quite another when it seems to decrease sperm motility.

For men, avoid taking.

It's not as clear whether a woman planning to get pregnant should use it. It may be used to see it will help to improve irregular menstrual cycles.

There are many other natural remedies such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin B12, melatonin and pycnogenol that can boost sperm motility and help with fertility issues in women.

Consider using one or more of these natural remedies first before using ginger.

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