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Ginger for Flu? Does It Help?

Does using ginger for flu really help reduce the symptoms?

Ginger has been used around the world to help treat nausea, vomiting and stomach complaints. But did you know that it can be very helpful for the flu as well?

In Asian countries, ginger root is extensively used for its medicinal health benefits.

Unlike garlic, which can help to prevent one from catching the flu, or at the least lessen the symptoms, ginger is best used to reduce the flu symptoms.

It will improve appetite, reduce stomach discomfort, treat sinus congestion and reduce fatigue.

How to use ginger for flu symptoms

Option #1

Prepare ginger tea by steeping about 2 tablespoon of shredded ginger root and drink three or four times daily. This is one of the classic home remedies for flu symptoms.

Options #2

Prepare a ginger aromatherapy solution by using ginger oil or shredded ginger root in boiling water. Inhale for 15 to 20 minutes to get relief from a stuffy nose. Be careful not to burn yourself! You can also leave this in the bedroom. The aroma will make you feel better.

Options #3

You can also take ginger root capsules. Herbalists suggest using 250 to 500 mg four times daily starting when you get the flu symptoms.  Higher dose may be used safely but keep it to no more than 4,000 mg (4 grams) daily.

Don't rely on drinking ginger ale or eating ginger candies. They don't contain very much ginger. Many of these products contain less than 1 percent of pure ginger!

Using ginger for flu symptoms can go a long way to make you much more comfortable... should you happen to catch the flu bug.

What other herbs are as good as garlic for flu prevention and treatment?

There are quite a few herbs and supplements that can be very helpful to prevent and treat flu symptoms. Our article Natural Remedies for Flu provides extensive details and recommended doses to use.

This is a must read for anyone looking for a complete guide to natural cures for the flu.

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Created: November 28, 2010

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