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Ginkgo for Leg Cramps - Does It Help with the Pain?

Thinking of using ginkgo for leg cramps?

ginkgo for leg crampsWhen the legs do not get sufficient blood flow, it can lead to painful cramps and difficulty walking or standing for any length of time. The pain or discomfort usually occurs in the calf muscles.

The technical term is intermittent claudication and it is commonly due to fatty deposits inside the blood vessels leading to reduced blood flow.

Follow a diet low in fats (responsible for clogging the blood vessels), avoid smoking and engage in mild physical activity such as walking. These are the first steps to take to prevent the problem from getting worst.

Let's find out how ginkgo can be helpful in treating and curing leg cramps...

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Ginkgo for Leg Cramps - How It Works and Research Studies

What do health experts in Germany and France suggest for leg cramps? Ginkgo biloba. A study done in France showed that taking this herb improved blood flow to the lower legs in 75% of the volunteers.

How does this herb work to improve blood flow?

Ginkgo contains many active chemicals that show a variety of health benefits. Two of them, terpene lactones and flavone glycosides are known to dilate blood vessels as well as reduce inflammation.

Moreover, flavonoids found in ginkgo are potent antioxidants and help to protect against free radical damage to the delicate blood vessels.

Keep in mind that the improvements are modest and experts believe that walking exercises can be just as beneficial.

Dose to Use

The recommended dose is 40 mg taken three times daily with meals. It may take up to four weeks of treatment before you can expect noticeable results.

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