Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss - Does It REALLY Work?

There has been quite a bit of talk on the TV, chat rooms and blogs about using green coffee bean for weight loss and for reducing body fat.

And many people have placed high hopes on its ability to help them shed dozens of pounds.

For sure, the amount of media attention is incredible.

But is all this talk supported by scientific evidence at all?

In essence, people are wondering if it REALLY works or is it just hype in the media.

In this article, this is the exact question we will address.

Afterall, we want to know too since one of us is not quite at our ideal weight (name withheld to avoid embarrasement).

In addition, we will also reveal one unexpected health benefit of green coffee bean that was a surprise for many people, including researchers.

Research Studies on the Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Let's first look at the animal study. Research done on animals are much cheaper and easier to carry out than on human subjects. And once the studies in animals show positive benefits, then there is good reason to carry the research study further in human volunteers.

What the researchers found in mice given green coffee bean extract at a concentration of 0.5 to 1% (a modest dose when accounting for the weight of the mice) resulted in weight loss and reduced fat content in the mice.

And these benefits were seen in just 14 days. These positive results are quite remarkable.

How did it work? They suspected that green coffee bean extract contained active chemicals that stopped the body from absorbing fat and activated the breakdown of fat by the liver.

The active ingredients in green coffee beans suspected to be responsible for this health benefit are caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

Here's the reference to this study:

research study on green coffee bean image 1

Alright. So now we know that if you want to loose weight and reduct body fat, green bean extract works, if you are a mice.

It is one thing to show that it works in mice but it is another to show that it works in human subjects.

So, is there any such clinical studies?

Yes indeed.

There is one such small well-designed study.

This small study only involved 16 adults who were overweight. This study used the subject in what is known as a cross-over study.

The subjects were randomly assigned to take either green coffee extract (CGA) either in the high dose or low dose or a matching placebo (sugar-pill).

They did this for 6 weeks on either placebo or treatment, followed by a 2-week wash-out period and then another 6-week of the opposite regime was started again.

And neither the volunteers or researchers knew whether the volunteers were taking green coffee extract or placebo. This was to eliminate bias from both the volunteers and the researchers carrying out this study.

And what were the results?

On average, the volunteers taking green coffee beans resulted in a 8.0 kg (17.6 lbs) weight loss. Moreover, the percentage body fat dropped an average of 4.5%. As well, their body mass index (BMI) decreased by an average of 3 units.

And, the cool thing? These weight loss and reduction in body fat was NOT because the volunteers changed their diet. None of them made any such change.

Here's the reference to this study for those wanting to know.

research paper 2 for GCA image

Needless to say, these are rather impressive results, similar to the results seen in the mice.

natural remedies leaf

But there's one other side benefits that green coffee bean also provided.

It is shown to help lower high blood pressure. This additional benefit was not expected at all but this study show that it worked.

One hundred and seventeen volunteers were selected to either take 46 mg, 93 mg or 185 mg of green coffee bean extract or a look-alike placebo (sugar pill).

On average their blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic) went down by around 4 mm Hg at a dose of 185 mg daily.

None of the subjects reported any side effects from taking green coffee bean extract.

And here's the reference to this published paper:

CGA research study 3 reference

So, taking green coffee bean extract may help you to loose weight, reduct body fat and lower your blood pressure at the same time.

Not bad at all.

Bottom Line

Does taking green coffee bean for weight loss actually work?

Yes,There are preliminary clinical evidence that it does work to promote weight loss.

One randomized double-blinded, placebo-controlled study show that it significantly reduces weight at around 8 kg.

It also reduced the body mass index value by about 3 units and body fat content by about 4.5%.

And these results were seen in just six weeks of taking green coffee extract.

For those looking for scientific evidence, there you have it. You now have some valid reasons to believe that it will work in helping you to loose weight.

And if you include green coffee bean extract along with sensible eating habits and a good dose of regular moderate exercise, you may reach your target weight sooner than you think.