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Health Benefits of Apples Revealed in an Animal Study

February 11, 2010

health benefits of appleThe health benefits of apples are revealed in a recent animal study. It has been known for some time that fruits process health benefits to our body in many ways, but few researchers have looked at what it actually does to the inside of the gut.

Pectin is the dietary fiber component found in fruits such as whole apples. It is known that dietary fiber is essential for maintaining intestinal health.

Rats give 7% of apple pectin in their diet for 14 weeks showed significant increase in the numbers of health friendly bacteria found in the gut. There was also a large increase in the amount of butyrate produced by these gut friendly bacteria. Butyrate is a chemical substance used by the gut wall as an energy source.

Keep in mind that the researchers did not find that taking apple juice, puree or pomance helped. It was the pectin that seemed to have done the trick.

Indeed an apple a day can keep the doctor away. This promising health benefit of apple will need to be checked in human studies. But for now, an apple a day can keep the vet away from the rats.

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