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Health Benefits of Celery

health benefits of celeryWhat are the health benefits of celery anyways?

 It is well known that eating celery or drinking celery juice can help to lower high blood pressure and there are studies coming out that show it helps with treating cancer as well.

Celery contains may active chemicals such as acetylenics that can stop cancer cells from growing. As well, the high concentration of phenolic acids can also shut down tumour cells.

Here’s the list of health benefits from either eat celery or drinking the juice that have been suggested by experts in the field.

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#1 Lowers High Blood Pressure

Celery juice lowers blood pressure. Drink a glass daily. This results can be easy to track. Measure your blood pressure daily to see the effects and discuss the results with your healthcare provider.

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#2 Cancer Prevention

Research studies show that potent anti-cancer chemicals found in celery can help to stop cancer growth in animals. Human studies can be expected to come soon.

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#3 High Cholesterol

Drinking celery juice seems to lower high cholesterol in men. In addition, there are many other natural remedies for high cholesterol that works very well.

#4 Constipation

Celery juice can help prevent constipation for those people who use laxative for long periods of time.

#5 Anti-inflammatory Benefits

A chemical called polyacetylene found in celery reduces the inflammation process in the body to help treat arthritis, asthma, osteoarthritis and lung inflammation such as chronic bronchitis.

#5 Enhances Kidney Function

Drinking celery juice can help prevent the formation of kidney stones. It stimulates kidney function and helps the body get rid of toxins. It is believed that it can help to break up and dissolve gall stones.

With all these health benefits, it no wonder many people are looking into buying juicers to get the most nutrients out of vegetables without having to eat them.

Mom was right all along. Vegetables are good for you! Celery is no exception.
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