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Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Health benefits of pomegranate juice and fruit - What are they?

This fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C and chemicals called polyphenols. It has been suggested that these beneficial ingredients can be very helpful in treating and preventing inflammation.

Expert believes these natural ingredients can treat and prevent hardening of the arteries, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, preventing prostate cancer and heart disease.

It also seems to kill yeast and fungus infection, especially in the mouth, and on the skin.

Does pomegranate helps to prevent or cure cancer?

There is some evidence that drinking pomegranate juice can slow down prostate cancer in those who went through prostate cancer surgery. They drank about 240 mL of juice daily for 2 years.

Does pomegranate helps with heart disease?

Several studies suggest that the "stuff" in this fruit could help with lowering blood pressure, high cholesterol and make circulation of blood to the heart better (after a heart attack).

The results seem to support the use of pomegranate juice or fruit in those suffering from heart disease but we need better research to draw a firm conclusion. Clinical studies will need to be done to verify the health benefits of pomegranate juice in preventing or treating heart disease. Expect to see more research with this fruit.

What dose of pomegranate juice do I need to take?

There is no typical dose for the juice extract or fruit. In studies, researchers have used anywhere from 50 mL daily to 1,000 mL daily to treat various health conditions.

One fruit gives you about 40% of the recommended daily dose vitamin C.

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We need more research to see how eating this fruit could have a positive effect on your health. Better research studies need to be done before we can strongly say that it will prevent or slow down cancer. However, if you love to eat this fruit or drink the juice, you can rest assured that it will benefit your health. It's hard to ignore the health benefits of pomegranate juice or fruit.

As anyone can tell you, eating more fruits and vegetables will prove to be good for your health in the long term. This fact will not be questioned by anyone! Don't you hate it when your mom is right?
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Revised: January 5, 2010

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