Health Conditions List

Here is a A-Z list of common health conditions with a focus on home remedies and natural cures used around the world.

Discover what others have tried and what natural health experts recommend for treating common ailments.Our health conditions treatment reviews provide comprehensive details on what works along with recommended dosage and tips. If available, references to research studies are provided for you to verify the information yourself.

Get educated about all the natural cures and treatment options that are available.Select one of the health conditions below and get detailed recommendations on the best natural remedies to use!

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HOME REMEDIES to Use and Diet to Follow for Common Health Conditions

We also have created a list of common home remedies you can try for treating common ailments. Many of these have been suggested by alternative health practitioners. Others are reports from people who have tried them.

Many of these remedies can be used safely along with herbal remedies and supplements for added benefits. Don't overlook common items found around the home that you can try.


Comments on Managing Common Health Conditions

Many mild health conditions can be prevented with natural remedies and supplements. Take, for example, heart disease. While there is no guarantee, many experts realize that what you eat and the lifestyle you choose make a huge difference in reducing your risk of developing heart disease.

Supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids (from fish oil) and garlic are well-known for their heart-protective benefits. And if you have heart disease, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is one of the best known supplement to take for supporting or strengthening heart function.

Many health care professionals are not routinely recommending (or even suggesting) taking natural supplements to promote health. This is an unfortunate situation for many individuals.

This is what this website is designed to do. Providing you with the necessary information to make an informed decision is what we are here for!

Bottom Line

Many educated individuals are motivated to seek out natural cures first for simple ailments before visiting a doctor. Natural remedies offer simple solutions for common everyday health conditions.

As always, seek the help of a qualified health care professional when appropriate and especially when treating complex ailments.

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