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Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

Caffeine Health Effects - Reduce Mistake with a Cup of Java

Vitamin D for Depression

Dark Chocolate - Stroke Protection Revealed in Study

Coffee and Heart Disease - Prevention is Possible with Moderate Intake

Fish Oil - Cancer Treatment May Be Possible with Omega 3's

Stroke - Potassium Rich Foods Reduces the Risk by 19 Percent

Curcumin Benefits Hepatitis Revealed in Animal Studies

Endometriosis Fish Oil Link Found Study Shows

Vitamin D and flu Prevention - Does It Work?

Garlic Reduces Cancer Risk

Bitter Melon Breast Cancer Cure?

Benefits of Bilberry in Diabetes

Green Tea Extract Prevents Uterine Fibroids

Omega-3 Prevents Growth of Colon Polyps

Selenium Prevents Diabetes

Alzheimer's Disease Prevention with Purposeful Life

Benefits of Papaya in Curing Cancer

Heart Disease Not Prevented with Calcium and Vitamin D

Type 2 Diabetes Risk and Whole Grain Foods

Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea in Preventing Heart Disease

Depression and Heart Disease

Benefits of Soy Isoflavones in Preventing Lung Cancer

Health Benefits of Apples Revealed in an Animal Study

Mediterranean Diet More Than Protects the Heart. Study Shows Protection Against Stomach Cancer

Low Selenium and Cancer of the Throat and Stomach

Mega Dose Vitamin C Increases Risk of Developing Cataract, New Study Shows

Coffee and Tea can Prevent Diabetes. New Study Shows

Anthocyanins found in berry-fruits significantly lowers the cholesterol in those suffering from high cholesterol

Pomegranate juice doesn't seem to slow down hardening of the arteries in healthy individuals

Chromium Picolinate Doesn't Benefits Those Who Are at Risk of Developing Diabetes, Study Show

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