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Home Migraine Remedy and Lifestyle Changes

Home migraine remedy that works. What are some of them?

In additional to natural remedies for migraines, there are many home remedies and lifestyle changes that can help to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine pains.

The table below summarizes some of the best suggestions from healthcare professionals and naturopaths.

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Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies
  • Cut down on stress. Stress is a common trigger of migraine headaches. Meditation, massage therapy, yoga and breathing exercises can all be used. 

  • Drink a cup of chamomile, passionflower or peppermint tea when you relax. It can promote a calming effect on your body.
  • Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep (at least seven hours nightly on most nights) causes stress and it affects your general health.

  • Regular but light to moderate exercise can prevent migraine attacks. Avoid intense exercise and always work up the intensity slowly.

  • Drink water. Avoid dehydration by drinking enough water. We suggest drinking eight glass of water throughout the day.
  • Use an ice pack covered in a towel and place it on your head or the back of the neck for 15 minutes to control the pain.

  • Find a quite dark room to rest.

  • Applying menthol or peppermint gel or cream on the temple can be helpful in providing some migraine pain relief.
  • Experiment with essential oils. Oils such as lavender can be used as part of a stress-reduction program. Keep in mind that for some people, the odour from certain essential oils can trigger migraines.

  • Alternative treatments such as acupuncture can be effective for some people.
Is it important to keep a diary and what are the benefits?

Keep a diary so that you can begin to find out what might be triggering the migraines. For example, the foods you eat can have an impact on the frequency and severity of your migraine attacks.

There is no certainty that you will ever find out what all (or even some) of your triggers might be but it is definitely worth trying to find out.

Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies for Migraine Headaches

Migone Plus

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  • Promotes the ability to keep a clear head and maintain a normal soothed demeanor 
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Headache Soothe
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  • Relieves headaches associated with stress, tension and fatigue
  • Alleviates a “heavy” feeling in the head
  • Reduces headache pounding sensation
  • Supports blood circulation and oxygenation for brain and nervous system health
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See Migraine Cures to get a series of easy to understand articles on preventing migraines and getting pain relief using natural remedies and supplements.
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Created: August 25, 2010

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