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Homeopathic Allergy Relief

What is the best homeopathic allergy relief remedy to use?

homeopathic allergy remedies hayfeverTwo of the major advantages of using homeopathic remedies are that they address the underlying problem and that they have no side effects.

Homeopaths are healthcare professionals that have the training to select the best one or more homeopathic ingredients for a person. Homeopathic remedies are selected based on the symptoms a person presents.

Below list some of the commonly used homeopathic ingredients commonly used to reduce allergies symptoms.

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Homeopathic Remedies and When to Use Based on Symptoms

  • Feels better when place in a place with fresh air
  • Symptoms get worse in the evening
  • Symptoms get worse when placed in a hot or stuffy room
  • Experiences airway congestion
  • Feels better sitting up in bed and worse while sleeping or resting
  • Coughs up thick sputum
Allium Cepa
  • Burning, watery eyes and runny nose
  • Experiences headaches, cough and hoarseness in voice
Arsenicum Album
  • Sneezing without relief
  • Symptoms of burning eyes and runny nose
  • Experiences burning red and watery eyes
  • Feels better in open air
  • Irritable throat, especially for singers and public speakers
  • Itching of the nose

Dosage to Use

You may start with the 30C strength but 6C is commonly used. Take as directed by the manufacturer for 4 days. If you see results, continue for several more days and then stop.

Start the remedy again if the symptoms return. However, if you get no relief at all after using it for 4 days, try a different remedy. Continue this until you find one that works.

You can take multiple homeopathic remedies as they do not interact with each other. This way, you can use a combination that best treats all your allergy symptoms.

Why Using a Combination Homeopathic Formulation is Best

You could test out each individual homeopathic remedy to find the one that works. But a combination product like HayFever Fighter combines the best ones into one formulation saving you money, time and frustrations.

homeopathic allergy relief hayfever fighter
Effective Homeopathic allergy remedy
  • Controls sneezing, coughing & wheezing
  • Reduces itchy, watering eyes and nose
  • Addresses the stuffy feeling associated with pollen or seasonal allergies
  • Relieves itching and burning sensations in the mouth and throat
  • Product registered with the FDA
Get More Info on HayFever Fighter
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