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Homeopathic Cough Remedies

homeopathic cough remediesMany intelligent individuals are moving towards using all natural and homeopathic cough remedies instead of over-the-counter medications for treating a dry, hacking or productive cough.

Homeopathic remedies are very popular in Germany and European countries. These products provide effective relief from coughing with no side effects. And they are safe to use even in children and infants.

Select the homeopathic ingredient that best matches the symptoms that you have. A remedy that contains multiple ingredients is the best approach as they will cover many more symptoms.

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The List of Homeopathic Cough Remedies
Homeopathic Ingredient What are the symptoms?
Hepar Sulph Suitable for use in children. They are pale, sluggish, tired and weary. Used to treat a crowing cough with rattling mucus in the chest. Best for children with coughing that causes exhaustion that tends to be worse between 6 PM and midnight.
Kali Mur Best for acute, spasmodic, harsh or barking cough. The phlegm is thick and difficult to cough up. Best to be used when a wheezing rattling sound of air going through the thick mucus in the airways.
Mag Phos Works as an antispasmodic and relaxant. Helps with anxiety and nervousness that comes on suddenly. Best in children who looks tired, exhausted and unable or unwilling to sit up.
Rumex crispus Suitable for coughing that happens during temperature changes (either cold to hot or hot to cold air). Best used to reduce mucus production by the airways and also promotes removal of phlegm by the body.
Pulsatilla pratensis Used for yellow or green phlegm that comes up with coughing. The mucus is looser in the morning and is drier at night. The cough is worse when you are lying down.
Arsenicum Album Best for a cough with a burning pain that feels better when you sip warm water. You may have a symptom of fatigue, restless or anxiety. The symptoms seem to be worst between 12 AM to 2 AM.


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